Youth Leadership Training Programs in Bangladesh

youth leadership training

Youth leadership is a method by which youths are encouraged to take charge over themselves or others. They do this by taking action in order to improve their skills and knowledge required to lead civil engagement, reform education and social organising activities.

What is the importance of youth leadership?

The first step of youth leadership development is self development. So it is important to develop one to be a youth leader. This is vital for the next step where one decides on the identity he or she wants.

It is very essential to realize their place in the community. Without develop that sense as a person the development of their identity may be at risk. It helps the youth decide whether it is right or wrong.

Youth Leadership Development ProgramsThe planet is changing in speedy. The world demands a changing leadership job. It is practical that the youths are the most innovative in leading that is must in the changing world. Leadership success lies on courage that holds the youth. They can keep people inspiring and dreaming.

World Bank report says that there are 4.10% unemployed people in Bangladesh despite their many talents. This number is growing rapidly. Unemployment destroys confidence and stimulates feelings of frenzy. Young people finding out who they are and what they can contribute to society by employment.

So LEAD’s training program is different than others in the region. The program designs for the youths with practical and related skills that can be applied directly on the profession.

LEAD Provides The Following Training Programs:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Time Management and Team Development
  • Thought and Visionary Leadership
  • Mastering Effective Communication

You will get a lot of skillful knowledge and perfect academic sense of entrepreneurship from Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management training.

You will get the training to create new ideas and implement them. Also the way that creates economic and social value. From our training you can able to know

  • How to create your new Business plan
  • How to create Profile
  • Branding and Marketing basics
  • How to work in non-profit organizations and the public sector
  • How to generate new thoughts that make the world a better place

The process of dividing your time between specific activities is Time management. Better time management makes possible you to work smarter, not harder. So that you can perform more in less time, even in short time and high pressure.

Visionary leaders have a coercive vision. Today they can see the ambiguity and challenges of tomorrow.

Leaders need to be able to Understanding Key elements of communication. The three elements: task, people and teamwork a leader must focus in order to be effective. There is a strong impact of communication over all of these areas.

Who Should Take This Leadership Training Courses?

This course is appropriate for a person who desires to progress and develop his or her leadership and management skills. There are no pre-requisition and the content is perfect for workforce at all levels of work. The course is planned for those young people who wish to attain a comprehensive knowledge of leadership and persons who want to become more confident and empowered in their team-leading skills. Through the Youth Leadership training, we prepare our young people with the necessary training to instill confidence in the learner as well as exhort a high probability of employment.