WordPress Instagram Based Themes & Plugins for Different Professionals


Instagram is a highly popular social media platform. When you choose one of the best and truly versatile Instagram WordPress themes, seamless integration of Instagram and your WordPress website would become a reality. Unlike other top social media platforms, Instagram is known to be focused completely on high-quality visual content. Videos and high-resolution pictures are shared on Instagram. By choosing the best plugins and the right themes, you could effortlessly exhibit Instagram content on your WordPress site.

Many Instagram WordPress themes boast numerous cutting-edge features; this could include showcasing content from various user accounts, utilizing tags for determining which Instagram content is exhibited, and a host of other controls and settings. Some of the hot-favorite Instagram WordPress themes would be making it a lot easier to control the manner in which the Instagram content is showcased on your WordPress website. These settings could be covering the exact size of the pictures, the number of items to be displayed in one go, the specific layout style that could be used and a lot more.

Repurposing the content from your Instagram account to your WordPress website is a fantastic way of upgrading your website and connecting effectively with your visitors and potential customers in a novel and interesting way. The following WordPress Instagram-based plugins and themes are just right for all professionals from different fields. Seek professional Instagram marketing services and advice by getting in touch with sites such as https://gramblast.com/.

Flexi Plugin

Flexi is known to be a premium and highly popular Instagram Feed plugin that would be allowing a WordPress administrator to integrate the attractive features of Instagram in their WordPress website. Flexi actually presents tremendous opportunities for creating Instagram social streams even though you are not a specialist and have no special training or knowledge in web design or web development. Everything could be done using the specific built-in admin panel that boasts enhanced user interface features.

WordPress InstagramIn this context, you must know that Flexi would be providing all its users with chiefly four types of Instagram stream layouts namely Slide, Grid, Polaroid, and Map. Flexi would be supporting Instagram API for providing free use of all sorts of public content present on the social media platform. You could take pictures from Instagram by geographical locations, user profile names, likes, and hashtags. You could consider combining diverse Instagram feeds for building your exclusive social stream. This Instagram plugin is constantly updated with latest layout styles and options.

EasyNote: Instagram WordPress Theme

The EasyNote is an Instagram WordPress theme that is just right for all professionals like you. It is known to showcase the best of the very best content without degrading any other significant content you want to demonstrate to your target audience. You would surely love EasyNote, the fabulous WordPress theme. EasyNote would be providing a simple way of incorporating an Instagram widget into the theme’s footer. It is supposed to flaunt a neat and minimalist design that allows the content to be displayed for maximum impact, while the choice of layouts is just right for a broad spectrum of article formats. Moreover, because of the ‘Mega Menu’, now it is definitely easy to upgrade your navigation system.

InstaShow: WordPress Gallery Meant for Instagram

InstaShow is actually a WordPress plugin that really makes it simple and convenient to exhibit content from Instagram straightaway on your WordPress website. In this context, you must understand that you would be overwhelmed while choosing and deciding precisely which Instagram content to exhibit simply because you are completely spoiled for choice. You could use hashtags, usernames, and URLs for pulling in videos and pictures from Instagram. Moreover, you have a reasonable amount of control over exactly how the precise content would be displayed on your specific WordPress website.

Instagram Journal: WordPress Plugin and Theme

Instagram Journal is a WordPress theme and plugin double pack that provides all the relevant tools you need for publishing your Instagram content on any WordPress website. You could use this plugin with whatever theme you like but if you are starting your WordPress website, the theme provided in this pack would be the right one.

Instagram Journal is supposed to be the most versatile and robust plugin and is regarded as the only one to effectively leverage the full potential of your Instagram API. You could take things to the next level thanks to the Instagram Journal WordPress theme. It is super-flexible, elegant, highly-responsive, and complements the plugin perfectly.

Cavan: Instagram WordPress Theme for Creative Bloggers

Cavan is meant for creative bloggers who are involved in generating content on a broad spectrum of topics. Every time, you are publishing a fresh article on your WordPress website, you could be choosing from an assortment of post layouts and also take the decision regarding precisely which sidebar widgets would be exhibited along with the content.

Tithonia: A Fascinating Theme for Your Instagram WordPress Blogging

Tithonia is a highly-responsive blogging theme. It has been designed for effectively aiding your website to load faster but without at all compromising the design. In order to make things fascinating on the website’s footer, you could use a customized Instagram widget for showcasing your most recent pictures or photos from a particular user account. With this amazing WordPress theme, you could get a huge amount of control and grip over the overall appearance of your website through the versatile WordPress Customizer.

Calla: A Brilliant Instagram WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

Calla is a brilliant and a truly elegant WooCommerce WordPress theme for promoting and selling services and products online basically from your own website. It is easy to use and you do not require any coding knowledge. It boasts a robust admin panel and a huge collection of both the home, as well as, the inner pages. There are extensive typography choices and the theme is retina ready and highly-responsive. Calla is known for its completely responsive design that would be adjusting automatically to any resolution or screen size. The homepage has been attractively designed with eye-catching product images that are complemented with the Mega Menu. An Instagram feed widget comes with this theme.


We have discussed some of the most flexible and easily the best WordPress themes and plugins. These would prove to be really easy and simple for integrating Instagram seamlessly into your WordPress website. These effective WordPress themes have an amazing solution for your gorgeous Instagram profiles. By using all these Instagram ready themes for WordPress, you could display all your feed flawlessly. You could make it blend perfectly with your specific website’s layout simply by utilizing the premium features. Now you could give your potential customers or readers an opportunity to notice your creativity and even take a look at the way you lead your life on a daily basis.


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