Why you must adhere to guidelines for maintaining comprehensive accessibility


The online platform is rich with multiple sites and individuals can view those sites from any device that is connected to the internet or has an internet connection. But according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, accessibility is a multifaceted process that deals with the overall construction of the viewable content and coded structures of an online site for all individuals, institutes and government organizations.

The content reviewed for accessibility

The rules that are part of the WCAG determine the accessibility of two forms of content which include:

  • The content present for viewers on the webpage: this content is naturally available on the site and includes the written and graphic content that is intended for viewership of users.
  • The markup language: each site on the online platform has some codes that form the backbone of the online site. The codes are present for defining the construction and presentation of the site. The guidelines for accessibility of web contentalso propose to have this content in an accessible form.

The people or organizations that have to follow the WCAG include the following:

  • Developers of web content which include authors of pages, designers of websites and others.
  • Developers who deal with making tools for web authoring.
  • People responsible for creating tools that evaluate site accessibility.
  • Individuals who require a standard for maintaining accessibility of sites which also includes mobile access.

Testing the issues related to accessibility

Website developers often have to come across the query that what is accessibility testing. In this regard, it is important to understand a few aspects that directly affect the accessibility of a website and these have to be rectified to ensure standard accessibility.

  • Images that do not have the alternative text: It is common to have images on a website, but if those images do not have alternative text then the issue of accessibility will arise.
  • Page structure that is not proper: Structuring the different web pages within a website is of prime importance. If the construction of the pages does not follow the WCAR, then it becomes inaccessible for many individuals.
  • The absence of page titles: All the pages of a website should have correct titles that reveal the subject of the page, but if that is missing then people won’t know what is there in that particular webpage.
  • Links that are not accessible: In an online site there can be links within the site and links of the site can also be present in other places. In any case, if the link that is present for directing the user to the linked page is not working, then it becomes an issue.
  • Visual and audio files that don’t have captions and/or transcripts: Absence of transcripts make the site completely inaccessible for many users who cannot see and so sites need to have audio transcripts and video captions.

Hence, web developers need to know the guidelines as well as the nodal points that deal with accessibility to make the online site suitable for browsing by all individuals.


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