Why WordPress could be the answer to enterprise content management?


Statistics have impressively shown that WordPress powers more than quarter the websites hosted all over the world. These websites currently serve more than 16 billion pages each month. Automatic is the proud owner of WordPress.

The reason you should go for WordPress is that it is a popular and leading content management system (CMS). The software is open source, free to anyone who would wish to use it. The software has a huge global following of developers who are responsible for advancing the framework to a level that it in fact the standard requirement to web development.

The ease in use of the software is the main factor that lures many people into using the website as it makes it easy for anyone who knows to use the interface easy and fast for them to update content on their websites. This has saved resources and time for many who would use their money in training programmers on custom CMS platforms of which many of them have ugly interfaces and complex programming languages.

With the multiple free themes available for WordPress CMS, one would without a doubt go for it since there are many themes developed to suit almost any kind of e-commerce business. Installing and managing the themes is easy.

Security will not be a thing to worry when you have WordPress installed on your website. With their new Jetpack plug-in, as long as you have it updated, you will have the kind of security you need on your website without worry of malware or bug invasion.

You cannot compare WordPress to proprietary variants such a drupal and joomla. With WordPress, you will be surprised y the many digital marketing agencies going for wordpress. This is because almost all online professional are familiar with WordPress interface which makes it the best and budget solution