Why and how you use web 2.0 sites?


The web 2.0 gives the users the chance to collaborate and interact feely in the socialmedia, hence creating a virtual community. You need to use the web 2.0, if you aim to connect with friend’s family and associates all the time, at affordable costs. You will benefit from web applications, different social networking sites, mash-ups, hosted services, blogs, and video sharing. Thisenables you to stay informed all the time and adapt to the latest communication ventures used.

You have the chance of using the latest communication told and online platforms, to pass across the message. You can use this platform for web content voting, social networking, tagging, podcasting, blogging and bookmarking.

It has several features like the search application making it easy for you to gather information, connect to lings and tags easily. The authoring application enables you to update your blogs, and share it with others.

The web 2.0 is used in school to encourage students on the importance of online networking and comparing the evolution of technology over the recent years. It has become very popular especially with the invention of the networking sites and easy access to internet access. It also includes user participation, through development of applications to aid them in different aspects.

The List of Do-follow web 2.0 sites till update December’ 2014

wordpress.com weebly.com hpage.com blogger.com
tumblr.com tripod.lycos.com Snappages.com scribd.com
areavoices.com wikispaces.com 2itb.com my.opera.com
xanga.com 350.com hazblog.com webs.com
wikidot.com angelfire.lycos.com doomby.com storify.com
posterous.com salon.com fotopages.com blinkweb.com
free-conversant.com Thoughts.com 20six.co.uk blog.co.uk
Ucoz Getjealous.com iseekblog.com 21publish.com
Moonfruit.com Webspawner.com mytripjournal.com webstarts.com
twoday.net Sosblogs.com zimbio.com hubpages.com
soup.io travelblog.org wikipages.com blogspirit.com
blog.ca blurty.com bcz.com Webnode.com
Zoho.com Ning.com jimdo.com bravenet.com
groups.google.com beep.com blogspot.com blogdrive.com
zoomshare.com ohlog.com bloglines.com soulcast.com
alivenotdead.com ewebsite.com edublogs.org my.telegraph.co.uk
Yola livejournal.com Wallinside.com iblog.at