When it is the Right Time for Children to Play Video Games?


One of the most popular pastimes for children all over the world is playing video games. A video game is an electronic game with a user interface often played by children as well as adults with the help of devices that include a screen. Video games have been popular with kids since the 1980s and today video games are a huge industry all over the world. Video games are played by children on computers, home consoles, handheld devices like tablets and smartphones, arcade gaming devices and virtual reality devices. But what is the right age for children to start playing video games?

The Right Age for Children to Play Video Games

  • Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are part of the everyday life of most people. Children even below the age of one start grabbing the smartphone because it is fun devices that look attractive.
  • Most researchers say that it is not right to let children below the age of 18 months anywhere near screens as it is not good for their physical and mental health. The right age to introduce kids to video games depends on the type of video games that are introduced to kids.
  • Every video game tends to have an age recommendation on its cover. Adhering to these age guidelines is a smart choice for parents before letting their kids play video games. Famous games like Pokemon and others all have age guidelines to make it convenient for parents to decide when to let their children play video games. There are some adult-only video games which should be banned for kids and parents should be careful not to let children play such games.
  • Kids should be kept away from violent video games with weapons and guns as these games are very addictive and can have a psychological impact on the children in their growing years. These games tend to normalize violence which is never a good outcome for children in their impressionable growing years.
  • Video games are also educational and can be introduced to children according to the age ratings on the game. Educational video games can help in the development of children and some video games tend to help children with their audiovisual skills as well as improve their reflexes.

Right Amount of Time for Video Games

  • Children should not be allowed to play video games every day especially when they are unsupervised. Mostly the best policy is to let children play fun games like Pokemon on weekends when they do not have school work and want to have some fun. However physical games can provide more benefits. Importance of sports is really important for children
  • Children should play video games on the weekend only for a few hours. Sometimes they can call their friends and play video games as a fun play date.
  • Children should not be allowed to play video games for more than 90 minutes at a time and it is important not to let them get addicted to these games.

Video games can be one pastime for children and the above mentioned are details about how and when children should be allowed to play video games.



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