What next for Jeep in the India market?


The American automobile manufacturer Jeep has come a long way since their military vehicle manufacturing days. Today it is one of the premier makers of SUVs and off-road vehicles in the world. Of late the company has its sights set on the Asian auto market and specifically the Indian market. It is one of the largest, fourth, in the world in terms of vehicles driven and is the fastest growing market in the world.  

The company’s tryst with India has been long and storied, the company has had vehicles built here from the 60s but only entered the mainstream market in 2016, with the entry of Jeep Grand Cherokee, an SUV made entirely in India. The car was launched alongside another one called the Compass, which has since then become the most popular Jeep offering in India. The Compass came with a 2-litre Multijet engine and with an optional 4×4 drive. The engine can give a monstrous 173 bhp and nearly 350nm of torque. The car has become a hallmark in the sub-4 metre segment. Since its launch in 2016, there have been several other entrants in the market and a successor is desperately needed.

Jeep has already lined up the Compass Trailhawk, a modification on the regular version with power packed features. There have been some snags in the launch and since then a launch around late 2018 or early 2019 has been planned. The car is special as it comes with a diesel engine and an automatic transmission combination. Its transmission is a 9-speed dual clutch variant. This comes after the fact that there was an uptick in the demand for automatic vehicles with much more horsepower. The new BMW Business Contract Hire Jeep Compass Trailhawk looks to address that and seems like it will be a very popular option with consumers.

The Trailhawk comes with a much more capable engine and various driving modes such as Auto, Snow, Mud and Rock. The latter allows the car to traverse much steeper and challenging conditions, making it ideal for Indian roads. This is possible due to the much lower ratio transfer case, allowing the torque output to multiply by 4.334 times. The high torque allows the vehicle to climb slippery surfaces easily. The ground clearance of the SUV is also higher by at least 20mm; this increase in clearance is complimented by freshly redesigned bumpers.

With such powerful features, the car is expected to come around 30 plus lakhs. For those of you looking for a car they can take on long trips through some torrential areas, this car makes the perfect sense. The design and colour scheme of the car is also quite impressive, with a black stripe in the Nissan Business Contract Hire middle, the car is sure to turn heads on the roads. The Jeep Compass Trailhawk India launch dates have yet to be confirmed, but you might want to inquire about availability to your dealers early on. Given its feature set, it will not be a surprise to see the car get snagged up rather quickly.


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