What is the best tourist destination in India?


The answer is a short and sweet one, a name which almost all Indians are now accustomed to hearing when they think of vacation and tourism, Goa. The former Portuguese province has now become India’s leading tourist destination attracting nearly 30% of all foreign tourists each year.

Goa has certain things which make it the ideal tourist destination; warm weather all year round, tons of sandy beaches, a mix of local and foreign cuisine, and one of the most vibrant cultures in all of India. The place is also filled with forts and is reminiscent of a foreign colony. You are sure to love the vibes and atmosphere that exists in Goa.

There is no appropriate time to visit the place as the place is quite vibrant all year round, but the winter months is one of the most ideal times to visit. You can lounge around in beaches, enjoy the sun and sip on cocktails, however, there are also a host of activities you can do in Goa and people often seem to miss out on this aspect.

The state is filled with places where you can dive, trek and partake in adventure cruises. An adventure boat cruise and diving trip to a far-off island are all activities which you should do while you are in Goa. There are many services, which provide packages and discounts on activities, and one such organization is Atlantis Water Sports, which organizes trips to places such as Grand Island and Havelock Island.

We take a look at two activities which you can do in Goa and ones which are sure to give you a great experience.

Boat cruise in Goa

Goa has many rivers and bays; hence it makes sense to indulge in a boat cruise. Along these cruises, you can easily enjoy some snacks, drinks and be a part of some leisurely activities. These activities include paddle boarding and kayaking. You could also take up some angling tips from our experts and end up making a catch or two. Along with these activities, you will also be a part of sightseeing trips in and around the Mandovi River, taking in some sights of forts and various other historical monuments. This activity will take you the whole day and it is worth every single moment. A day on a boat, eating and drinking and soaking in the sights and sounds, sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Well, you can make it come true by coming along.

Grand Island trip in Goa

This island is only a few minutes away from Goa, and once you get there it is like a whole new world. You can indulge in what is perhaps the most fulfilling underwater activity anywhere in the world, scuba diving. With the help of expert instructors and the best in class equipment, you are assured to have the best time possible. You could also take up snorkelling if you are short on time.

The state has a lot of activities on offer and taking part in some these are a must, and it also shows a bit of proactive initiative on your side.


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