What is Phishing & How to get ride from Phishing


Most of us know about Phishing in cyber world. Here I want to inform you about some types, demerits & Preventive measure of Phishing.

Phishing: Phishing is a way by which different information’s are collected through electronic communication media by duplicating various trusted sites.

Generally, this information’s are collected through Social communication media, Bank, IT administrator etc by motivating genera internet users.

The link of phishing sites are generally sent through e-mail or instant messaging. Fake website links are used because when a user click on link, he/she will enter into malicious website that is as like as official website. Phishing is used to illegal use of weak internet security.

Types of Phishing: Phishing are following types.

Spare Phishing: Spare phishing is collecting information about a specific person by a company or combined effort of some individuals.

Clone phishing: E mail is sent from new one by changing content or link through cloning of previously sent mail. It is as like as sent from original address.

This mail can also send from a previously attacked computer.

Link manipulation: A victim can re direct into a malicious website. Generally Phisher used wrong or different url or sub domain.

Filter evasion: Phisher uses image instead of text as so they were not caught by anti phisher filter.

Website forgery: The effect of visiting victim’s website is not finished after visit. They can use javascript commands to change address bar. It is also possible through legit website by replacing in photo address bar.

Flash is used to anti phishing in flash dependent website.

Phone phishing: It proves that website is not necessary for each phishing. After call it liable a person to provide information about himself.


Preventive measure to protect phishing: We can get ride from phishing by various ways. But firstly, we should raise public awareness.

  • Look at address bar of browser at the time of net surfing. Though it can be change by address element (/A) but it is initial stage. On the other way if you hover mouse pointer on address bar or where it goes shown below (right side) of browser.

  • Anti phishing software can be use. There is an extension (petname) in Firefox that inform you after back in main page.

  • Spam filter of mail is active in this case. Though it depends on capacity of machine.
  • Don’t login by user name and password without confirmation of redirecting the page. If you required any information go to official website.
  • If E-mail comes from any legit website they will introduce you by your name. For example, A message come from facebook, it will Dear Mr. XXX instead of Dear facebook user.
  • Generally, at the time of browsing if any page may attack, then authentication is required to secure the website that is ssl, with strong PKI cryptography is used. It can be indicated by pad lock address verification in browser address bar.