7 Ways to Break the Everyday Monotony and Rejuvenate Yourself

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Entering the world of adulthood is an exclusive experience for all of us. Some find themselves read for the transition whereas many others lose the plot a bit. This is why it is always said that adulthood is difficult at times. Where something as simple as having a set routine excited a child, an adult gets bored by a similar routine. In today’s world, the challenge has become even more severe as the focus has shifted from leisure and relaxing to a highly work-centric life.

The long and tiring working hours and the monotonous routine of following a set schedule and doing similar activities day in and day out tires a mind and one feels the urge to break the cycle.

Many people get stuck in unfulfilling work; the kind of work they do out of necessity and not out of passion. This is the point when the monotony of their life starts taking the center-stage and throws the challenge on them to rejuvenate themselves. Breaking the everyday monotony helps enhance the productivity, improves the mental and physical well-being and often helps some people find their true passion in life. Let’s explore few of the ways that can help to break the everyday monotony and help hit that refresh button.

Get in touch with your hobby

It is highly common nowadays for people to make time for activities that help them revive their energy and passion. The whole day either revolves around work or family life and it can indeed be draining at a personal level. You may either pick up a new hobby or may get in touch with something that you used to enjoy. It could be something as simple as listening to music, going for a walk/jog, or a physically-invigorating activity such as swimming or playing some sports.

If you have something new to look forward to or something that helps you feel good, it is definitely going to help break the stalemate of life. Make sure to set aside a time to indulge yourself in your favorite hobby.

Travel and Explore New Places

One of the best ways to deal with a mentally draining monotonous life is to travel. It could be travelling in the same city solely for leisure or it could be a planned trip to a place that can help you unwind.

A new place and the excitement of travelling and being away from the daily mundane activities rejuvenate like nothing else. It can be said without a doubt that if you want to refresh your mind, body and soul there is nothing like travelling to a remote place that has no reminders of your day-to-day life.

For instance, if you are a city dweller, the best way to recharge yourself is to travel to a region/place that covers your basic needs like good food and a comfortable bed to sleep in, but no reminders from your daily life.

This can be a reverse situation as well. If you are in a quiet and remote place, it is best to take yourself off once in a while to some happening place in the world that will shake things up a bit and break the monotony of the quiet existence.

Monitor the Screen Time

The screens have become a constant part of life today. Be it a computer screen, phone screen or a TV screen, most often than not we are staring at a screen. In many cases, almost half of the day is spent on screen. Sometimes it is for work purposes and at other times we tell our self that it is to “relax”.

However, there is a fact that gets ignored by the majority, and that is; screens make us feel disconnected and discontent. We tend to spend so much time with these screens that we fail to get in touch with our creative and fun side. Humans are programmed to interact with other humans and nature and when we let the screens become our only option, then the boredom of monotonous life creeps in.

So, if you start feeling dull, monitor your screen time. Get away from the screen and go for a walk or just shake up things by cooking, driving to a new place in town, planting a tree; just about anything to get away from the screen!

Be Social, Revive Friendships

The day-to-day life leaves little time to socialize. For most people, the only socializing they do is communicating at work about work-related tasks and that does not really count! Humans are social beings so socializing is one effective way to break the monotony. Nothing refreshes the mind like a meet-up with old friends where a walk down the memory lane breaks the rut of daily life.

Talking, laughing, sharing and just being in the company of people who are not a regular feature of daily life breaks the dullness and revives one. Meeting with new people, getting involved in book clubs or any other activity that makes you part of a group, away from normal routine can help you overcome the boredom of daily life.

One way to meet like-minded people is by connecting with them through social media, so check it out to find a book club, a writer’s club, or a gardening group.

Write a Journal

Writing releases stress and helps you connect to yourself. You do not need to be a writer to use writing to break the humdrum of daily life. Journal writing has proven to be an excellent exercise to recalibrate the mental compass. It could be disjointed sentences, simple thoughts, what went good at work/school/home, what went wrong, what you wanted to do, who or what bothered you, your plans or wishes.

Just write and you will realize how much it rejuvenates you. Writing is the easiest and the most inexpensive way of recharging yourself and breaking the shackles of boredom.

Be Creative

Creative activities engage your mind in such a way that you get an instant relief from the status-quo. Painting, sketching, coloring, learning to play an instrument, writing, gardening, sewing, knitting, and cooking are some of the activities that engage the parts of the mind that make one relax.

All such creative activities require focus and yet create space for relaxation. Getting involved in creative activities help with clarity and for some, it ends up helping them find their purpose and passion in life.

Read Something New

It is an established fact that a good book is your best companion. A quiet corner and a book is a sure-shot way of breaking the monotony as it helps you transport to another world without you having to get up.

Reading causes one to utilize their sense of imagination and visualization and this is one effective way to recharge the human mind. Imagining a new world from the comfort of your couch is an effective ploy to get over the boredom of daily life.

Shaking things up is essential to strike and maintain a balance in life. This is exactly what the order of the day is for a person who has got himself entangled into a routine life. Always keep an activity in your day-to-day life that helps you relax or the mundane will interfere with your physical and mental well-being.


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