A water sterilizer for your fresh foods


Think that the fruits and vegetables you buy may look neat and clean when you pick them out at the grocery store, but you can’t see bacteria or chemicals. Your fruits and vegetables need to be washed and clean before you eat them or serve them to guests or family members. This is most important for production and greens that are eaten raw. It uses electrolysis to eliminate and destroy harmful bacteria in everything from fruits, veggies, kitchen appliances as well as baby bottles and chew toys — all without chemical detergents.

water sterilizer for your fresh foods

  • At the beginning stage, you need to keep your kitchen countertops, refrigerator, cookware, and cutlery clean.
  • Always clean your hands before preparing meals and handling fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t Keep fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables with uncooked meats to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Select healthy looking, ripe fruits and vegetables when you buy. Don’t take bruised, moldy and mushy produce.
  • Wash just before you eat or prepare your fruits and vegetables because Fruits and vegetables have natural coatings that keep moisture inside, after washing them will make them spoil sooner.
  • Must wash all pre-packaged fruits and vegetables, though the label claims they are pre-washed.
  • You must wash all parts of your fruits and vegetables, even if you don’t plan to eat them. Bacteria can live on the rind of an orange or the skin of a cucumber, for example. Though you may peel them away and toss them in the trash, the bacteria can be transferred from the outside of the fruit or vegetable to the knife you use to cut them, and then onto the parts, you will be eating.
  • Softly rub fruits and vegetables under running water. Never use any soaps, detergents, bleaches or other toxic cleaning chemicals. These chemicals will leave a residue of their own on your produce.
  • Sprays and washes sold for cleaning vegetables aren’t any better than cleaning thoroughly with plain water, so don’t waste your money on them.
  • Firmer fruits and vegetables can be scrubbed with a vegetable brush while rinsing with clean water to remove dirt and residues, such as apples and potatoes.
  • Remove and discard the outer leaves of lettuce and cabbage heads then thoroughly rinse the rest of the leaves.
  • Rinse berries and other small fruits thoroughly and allow them to drain in a colander.