Using Green Technology for a better Environment


Using Green Technology for a better Environment

green technologyThe extent to which global warming has interfered with the environment is enormous. To reverse climate change, everyone needs to be involved. Ecologist Stephen Pacala and Physicist Robert Socolow came up with 15 wedges which can be used to make the environment better. They advocate that everyone should do their best to employ green technology to eliminate or minimize global warming. The steps towards a better environment are challenging but with time and effort, greenhouse gas emission will be reduced and managed to safer levels. Carbon impact can be controlled by adjustment on our lifestyle.

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One of the things that we should get rid of is fossil fuels. The first challenge would be to eliminate the burning of coal, oil and natural gases. Many products which have been developed from these fuels and most of the developing countries rely on fossil fuels in cootechnologyking and manufacturing. Getting rid of fossil fuels such as oil may not be easy since it is the global lubricant and is used in manufacturing of plastics and corn. Coal is also being used in the manufacturing of electricity and it supplies approximately half of the electricity being use in USA and the globe. The alternatives to the fossil fuels might be nuclear energy but this form of energy has huge disadvantages since it will produce radioactive waste. However, it is advised for one to employ green technology wherever it is applicable so we can have a better environment and cleaner air.

When the infrastructure tends to be upgraded, a lot of construction of buildings is done. Research has also revealed that over one third of the greenhouse gases emissions are contributed by the buildings. Upgrading roads and highways might be a way of cutting down on the emissions of greenhouse gases. Even though production of cement which is a necessity in building produces huge amounts of greenhouse gases, construction of building and roads which employ green house technology will assist in reducing the amounts of greenhouse gases in the air.

Transportation is another factor that contributes a lot to the emission of greenhouse gases. There are lifestyle changes that you would adjust to save on fuel. One thing you would do would be to move closer to your place of work. You can also switch to other alternatives such as walking to work, cycling or using public transportation means. You can also do your best to cut on long distance travels since airplanes contribute a lot to global warming. As there are no alternatives to kerosene used by the planes, you need to reduce the time you fly.

You also need to watch what you are eating. Gong vegetarian is the smart way. You need to eat organic vegetables which are in groceries. The corn that is produced in the US needs plenty of fuel to come up with fertilizer and a lot of diesel is used in harvesting. Meat spends a lot of diesel and fuel in making feed for animals and fowls. A lot is spent in making a pound of protein from meat compared to organic vegetables. You need to be smart in activities you take part in.