Uses of Facebook! Why or Not


What is facebook or modern online media? Why it necessary? How much usefulness of our younger generation of it? What did you mind it has no disadvantage?

Definition of facebook: Now a day or in the modern age facebook is most favorable of all generation in the world. But I feel seem to be, one kinds of social networking media is called facebook or is easy to use because it is free   media marketing.

Importance of facebook: we feel seem to be there has many importance of facebook, because face book created our strong relation of our father, mother, brother, sister, neighbors, old & new friends of all world. It has also importance we can see of those giving picture. We can chat any relation of facebook. So we can say, facebook is the important media of our life.

 Usefulness of younger generation: I feel seem to be, all of most young generation support facebook or watch facebook, because facebook carrying many learning things & attractive heed. ON THE OTHER HAND, facebook also bearing many neglicable things that very bad the young generation. Now a days, facebook use class two-young generation, all kinds of educated person, all kinds of illiterate person, but also old generation. As a result, somebody achieve good things &some body achieves bad things. I feel seem to be; especially it is harmful of young generation. So the facebook avoid the bad things. It has no cost or free media as a result it use all kinds men &women.

At last I say that, it has many disadvantages.