The US Navy has unveiled Spy sharks Drone which Go underwater


The US Navy has unveiled their latest drone technology. Shark under water, they carried out a successful test in the shape of this drone. The drone name ‘GhostSwimmer’ which has been designed for underwater surveillance missions, and its shape is precisely shark. Drone nickname Silent NEMO. Spy drone like shark fins, tail, nose, there. Drone weighs about 100 pounds. It is able to run through the bottom of a 300 feet deep water.Drone GhostSwimmer Drone effectively mine and ship structures under water search and hopes for a secret mission to the US Navy. Boston Engineering Development Management Group Director Michael Rufo commented, “I believe it will prove to be an effective instrument for the Navy drone”. GhostSwimmer Navy to be used for such a variety of missions. He said, “This is like a fish swimming in front of the wave cut back on the trail”.

New inventions and innovations  Drone “GhostSwimmer” Features:

  • Five-feet-long
  • 100 pounds weights
  • Swim in depths of 300 feet
  • Load laser weapon