8 Upsides of Installing an Automatic Garage Door Opener


Garage doors have always been an integral part of modern architecture. In the current era, the advancement of technologies has provided people with the luxury to opt for technologically-advanced gadgets, including the automatic garage door openers. Today, people prefer garage doors that are easy to operate and don’t weigh a ton. For many people, an automatic garage door seems like a dream but that’s actually not true. The inexpensive option of Overhead doors OKC can easily be installed with an internally-functional motor and remote control. The simple mechanism allows you to open and close your garage door with ease. Here are just a few more advantages of installing automatic garage doors at your house.


Increase the Resale Value Of Your House


You would hear realtors say that if your house is relatively new or has some new high tech features, it will increase your house’s value and it will sell faster. Apart from the landscaping, new tech, including automatic garage doors, really attracts new buyers and they’ll also be okay with paying a little more.


Low Maintenance


You have probably spent countless hours trying to paint your rustic garage door, only to be repeating the course all over again after a few months. Wooden garage doors are not only easy to maintain but they are also prone to damage. Same is the case with normal ones that can easily get rusted and wear away. One of the best things about automatic doors is their low maintenance. The garage doors come installed with a layer of protective coating which can save you a lot of hassle. Not only does it protect the door against bad weather conditions and rust, but it also keeps the paint fresh for a long time.


An Easy Access For Everyone


The easy one-click access is the main aim of an automatic garage door. Only with a push of a button, you can make the door roll up giving you easy access to parking your car. This is a definite perk, especially in winter when it’s snowing or raining and it is too cold outside. By pushing a button, you can take your car inside and close the door. This can save you from getting out into that chilly and wet weather and coming back all wet to park the car inside.

Lifting garage doors and closing them over and over is not an ideal situation for everyone. Many people suffer from severe backaches and find labor a bit hard.


Safety and Security


With automated garage doors, you also have an extra advantage of security. The remote control allows only the one with the control to be able to access the garage door. So, you really have to be careful about not leaving the remote unattended or in your car. Many people find it a bit more secure when they don’t have to get out and leave their cars to open the gates. The automatic garage door openers allow the drivers to safely enter the house and close the door behind them without ever getting out of the car. 


Reducing Heat Transfer


Opening and closing a simple garage door causes a lot of temperature exchange. In summer months, when the inside of the house is cooler, opening the garage takes just as long as closing it and that causes a lot of heat to get inside. Same happens during winters when all the cold comes rushing in and it takes hours trying to get the house to get warm again. With an automatically functioning door, the opening and closing takes only a few seconds with minimum heat exchange and helps maintain the temperature inside your house.


Minimizing Any Risk of Injury


People with severe back problems always have an issue with a simple garage door. If you’re not too careful, you might find your feet stuck in the door. Especially, if you have kids around the house, you should be extra cautious. With automatic doors, a built-in photoelectric sensor causes the door to recline back up if the door senses that there is something trapped in the way and does not push down further. This new sensor decreases any risk of serious injury.


Improve the Aesthetics


Automatic garage doors now can very easily suit your architectural needs and can be equipped according to the color theme of your house. Any decorative hardware that is suited to your needs including patterns or ever windows, you can amp up the aesthetics of your house. Not only will it help your house look far better but can also be a great investment for you when you sell it again.


Less Noise Pollution


If you are sick of your garage door making noises, whenever someone comes and goes, an automatic garage door is the only solution to the problem. Very quiet door openers are easily available in the market. Noise can be reduced to a far greater degree by incorporating belt drives with reinforced rubber belts. The door might need some extra lubrication in the start but it pays dividends in the long run.


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