Trendy yet Traditional Mangalsutra Designs for Women


When it comes to Hindu marriages jewellery is a very important part of it and the gold mangalsutra holds a lot of importance. This thing has its own set of importance in Hindu religion and in rituals like marriages it is mostly a symbol of love and of promise and commitment that both husband and wife can be together for the whole life.

When it comes to mangalsutra, then they can be made from gold, diamonds and black beads and with a lot of varieties and patterns. The waman hari pethe mangalsutra price varies depending on what metals are used in it. There can be some latest designs and creative pieces of it and when a bride wears this, it looks beautiful yet traditional.

Here are some latest mangalsutra designs that one can go for:

Kundanstyle pendant thick chain mangalsutra:

If one wants a traditional piece of mangalsutra of 22 k gold and of medium length then they can go for this. They have a beautiful pandal design and the kundan pendant gives one a complete gorgeous and classic look. One, apart from the wedding day, can wear them with just a simple sari or a traditional salwar suit or a lehengacholi. They are mainly made up from embedded beads and stones with a circular black and beaded chain. The pendant here is brushed with style so that one can carry them with any traditional wear.

Simple and lightweight gold mangalsutra:

Many women can find it disturbing and irritating to wear a heavy weight mangalsutra on a daily basis. So a light weight gold mangalsutra can fit the bill for them. This can be very comfortable and one can choose the design keeping in mind that whether they go out every day for work or not. this can be of very stylish and sophisticated look which one can carry well with their office attires. They are made up of a simple and a small pendant with some contemporary designs and they follow the trend of the time.

Floral designed pendant and gold mangalsutra:

It is a delicate yet very gorgeous design of mangalsutra and this has a very classic look with a lengthy chain. As the name suggests, it has a beautiful floral design pendant with very small black beads at a stunning pattern. One can wear this mangalsutra at any formal or a casual event. They can be matched with a stylish and elegant outfit. One can glorify their look by this and a pair of nice earrings.

Sober and short length chain gold mangalsutra:

This is short length and gives one a very charming and pretty look and they are also very comfortable to wear. This can be made with a proper combination of traditional and contemporary designs with a gold chain, black beads and some round gold beads at certain gaps and they are best suited for modern and casual wears. One can wear them at any formal events. They are the latest trends that showcase the modern designs and patterns.

 Square shaped gold mangalsutra:

Most of the mangalsutra designs have a round pendant but if one wants something different and unique then they can go for this square shaped pattern. They are made from black beads that are hanging down in a square shaped pendant and a medium length chain made from gold or black beads.

Gold Mangalsutra with multiple chains and black diamonds:

This one is made from gold and they look very rich and traditional. This looks perfect if one wants a very royal look in their wedding. The pendant here is half-moon shaped and it is studded with black diamonds and some hanging black pearls with a different texture of designs. They are specifically made for weddings or other cultural occasions.

Gold mangalsutra with peacock shaped pendant

This is another gold mangalsutra which is specially designed for the modern women who try to keep it trendy and fashionable. This is made up from  22k gold pendant with some small yet very elegant carvings and a colourful peacock (as the name says) that is beautifully shaped and designed in a double layered chain of some black rounded beads. This actually portrays a very traditional Rajasthani look and one can wear them with anarkali and legengas or any other heavy Indian attire.

Standard gold mangalsutra:

If one is fond of South Indian jewellery designs and here the pendant which is attached with the mangalsutra has a pure South Indian touch. They are made up from hanging black beads with a half round shaped pendant and there is a timeless colour combination of green, red, and golden yellow along with a gold chain. They go very wear with ethnic wears like saris and lehengacholis.

Flower petals pendant with gold mangalsutra:

Flower petals pendant set makes one look prettier, younger and gorgeous. It is actually made up from gold petals pendant flower in between and black beads round pendant chain. One can easily carry this pendant set gold mangalsutra design at any occasion (be it formal or non-formal)because it is very sober and simple and one can also wear this mangalsutra with casuals in some formal events. These modern mangalsutra designs in gold are very modern and trendy.

Temple jewellery inspired gold mangalsutra:

This is the latest trend of mangalsutra design and one can go for this if they are up for some stylish mangalsutras. They are studded with amazing beads of different shades. This one design goes with any kind of dress and would enhance your look. The pendant is printed with an image of Goddess Lakshmi.

Simple chain Mangalsutra:

If one does not like the complicated and heavy design in the pendants, then they can always root for an amazing and simple chain design as their mangalsutra. This little and gracious chains will enhance the entire beauty and give one a stylish and sober look.

One can check the wamanharipethe mangalsutra collection as well to see what new designs they have come up with and pick something of they really catch their eyes.


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