Travel Quest – 8 Amazing And Cheapest Places In The World

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Every year, you think of spending vacations in a beautiful place with your friends, family, lover, or kids. However, something always comes up and you have to spend your savings on other things or you don’t get to save at all. No matter whatever the reason is but wishing to travel and not doing so is such a weird feeling.
Fortunately, there are places in the world that you can travel to without breaking the bank
account. All you need is to know about those places and you are good to go. This is why I have made a list of the cheapest places in the world which offer amazing experiences.

1 – Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
Thailand is a quite famous country for travel and tourism. The cost of flights and
accommodations is much cheaper than other countries. In spite of low rates, there is no
compromise on services and quality. Almost everybody has Bangkok in the minds but if you are the kind of person who cherishes peace and nature, you must visit Ko Phi Phi.
The Phi Phi Islands are flooded with sand beaches, lush greenery, mountains, and crystal-clear water. You will surely have a great time while being close to nature and your dear ones. You can even enjoy some “Me time” in a beautiful place while reading some most beautiful quotes or a good book.

2 – Coban, Guatemala
Guatemala is the dream destination for all nature lovers. No matter whether you are young or in your 40s, this is the perfect place for people of all ages. You will get to experience the
beautiful waterfalls and caves. The major destination is Las Victorias National Park, where you can enjoy hours of hiking through the wooded expanse of trails.
The drawback of Guatemala is how far the different spots are from one another, it makes it
difficult for the travelers to visit different sites. When it comes to Coban, you can keep
exploring forever. The spot has numerous beautiful sights to have you amazing experiences at the cheapest price.

3 – Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is famous for having a low-cost lifestyle which makes it one of the perfect places to travel. It’s not only cheap to visit, but it also has many breathtaking spots to experience. What makes Costa Rica unique is the Playa Grande where you can see leatherback turtles. Not only this, you will get to witness wildlife refuge filled with howler monkeys.

If you are not much into animals and wildlife and you are more into nature, you can take a walk along the coast or learn to surf in the Costa Rican waves. You may experience high hotel pricing but Tamarindo is known for a 20-year-old’s budget.

4 – Bogota, Colombia
Apart from nature and wildlife, let’s talk about a city which oozes with culture. There are very few cities in the world that are noteworthy for the artwork, Bogota is one of them. The spot is rich with colors and persuades travelers to have their own imagination.
The streets are filled with vibrant graffiti to the Museo Botero, you will literally love every bit of this mesmerizing city. The greatest inspirational place for tourists is the Holy Mother Of Carmen Church which has beautiful architecture. It is surely a different and one of the cheapest places to visit.

5 – Budapest, Hungary
Saying that Budapest is paradise for explorers would not be wrong, however, people who are unfamiliar with the region often overlook the place. Technically, it is two cities: Buda and Pest. Budapest is the capital and the most known city of Hungary. Not only this, it’s the tenth largest city in the European Union. You will discover something wonderful at every turn.
There is so much life in the city and you will get to enjoy a lot. You can visit the Royal Place, pubs, and garden clubs and when you are tired, you can go for the soothing baths and spas which are available at a very reasonable price. Also, the city is walkable and public transport is quite cheap. You will surely fall in love with this lively city!

6 – Havana, Cuba
The capital city of Cuba has been one of the most favorite destinations of tourists for quite a long time. The city appears differently and represents a beautiful mixture of colors. In terms of culture and liveliness, the city is unique and mesmerizing. You will notice many old cars and bright colored buildings.
Havana is also famous for a fun nightlife and soulful beaches. You can get access to this amazing place without being worried about safety as well as budget. Everything is reasonable when it comes to Havana!

7 – Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which is a unique traveling destination that can be fully enjoyed within your budget. It has numerous sights to behold and enjoy at its peak. Whether you want to explore its nightlife or more interested in its historical places, you will have a great time.
It has a grand square with temples & palaces, nightlife, shopping, the historic Hindu temple, pilgrimage site, and a lot more. Also, you will experience some of the most delicious meals here. You don’t have to pay a lot for hotels and restaurants because everything is very cheap.

8 – Kos, Greece
Greece is already on the list of most people, everybody wants to flock to only Athens though. I would suggest the island of Kos over all other places of Greece. It is definitely a scenic paradise where you can do many outdoor activities.
Greece is one of those countries which holds significant historical places in the world. From
scientific thought to literature to government, there is so much the country offers to the world. The average price for the hotel is around $35. You can soak up some sun on the lovely beaches of Kos or wander around to explore history.


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