Top 12 Most Racist Countries of the World


As a human, we have come a long way, and we have overcome great difficulties. It is war, disease, natural disaster, human-made disasters, you name it, and we have crossed it. But in all these years, we remember the thing that all tragedies that we are making come face to face with. It is human beings and hatred, we have so much controversy in ourselves, that most of the causes of destruction are made. Although everyone is doing its best to the international community, to spread the message of love, it starts falling on deaf ears – rape, murders, racism, homophobia, war criminals are still occurring everyday events. And among these, racism is something that anyone is worthy to bear. Racism is bias and discrimination against people of a particular caste. Although we have found on fundamentalist racism, it remains in many parts of the world, some of the most racist countries in the world.

Top 12 Most Racist Countries of the World 

12. South Africa

A country can only do so to eliminate racism, and this is not a rather sad thing, and one heart is the fact that racism is out in South Africa, Mandela, which is so tight, ending racism in the country for all his life Have tried to live For the anti-apartheid movement, the legal framework of the nation has been changed and now racism is illegal, but it is still a fact of life. In South Africa, people are known racist and in some places, decisions are made on the basis of rates and good race of one person. Recently a group of people who incited violence against Shweta was caught in SA. It is to show that something like racism is something beyond a legal framework.

11. Saudi Arabia

Being a rich country, Saudi Arabia has some distinct advantages over poor and developing countries. But to tie these benefits to Saudi Arabia, cut it all for yourself. Workers from developing countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, etc. have been known for Saudi Arabia, and are treating these people and living in subhuman conditions. Apart from this, there are racists against the Saudi national poorer Arab countries, and recently many Syrians have taken shelter in Saudi after the Syrian Revolution and are misbehaving. The sad thing is that these victims can go anywhere with their complaints.

10. United States

Land of independence and land of bravery is also the land of some of the world’s most rational people. Although the picture we see through the United States of America is a rose-colored glass and it all looks like flowers and butterflies, the real case is entirely different. In the deep South and Central West areas such as Arizona, Missouri, Mississippi, etc., racism is an everyday matter. Asian, Africans, South America, or even the United States, against the real people – Native Americans Due to skin color, cases of hate and hatred ever increase, and as long as we do not change the mindset of people, no law is going to change anything.

9. United Kingdom

We think they probably still have given superiority in that history, at one point in time, the British ruled the whole world. Britain is one of the world’s most rationalist countries today, especially what they call “rickety people” towards racism. This includes people from the Indian subcontinent. Also, they show hatred toward Americans, which they call ‘Yankees’ and are spitefully toward French, Romanian, and Bulgarian, etc. As a shock, even today, the basis of the propaganda of a political party in Britain is based on the fact that a person would want immigrants in the form of their neighbors who go towards hatred and racism against people.

8. Australia

Australia does not look like a country that can be racist, but no one knows better bitter side than Indians. Most people living in Australia have migrated from other countries. And yet, it seems that any new person who takes migration or Australia should go back to their home countries to make a living. In Australia, there were many cases in Australia in which Indians were targeted and harassed. About 100 cases were registered, and in 23 cases, there were racial tones. The law was made strict, and the situation is getting better now. But to show such incidents only to show how selfish, we can harm our own needs to humans and harm others.

7. Rwanda

Rwanda Genocide of 1994 marks the shame of human history. This was a terrible time in which two Rwanda were clamped in ethnic races, and this was a result of the looting and looting of more than 800,000 people in Rwanda. The two tribes, Tutsi and Hutu, were to join in the Tutsi tribe and were the culprit of the Hutu clan. Stress today and even a small spark can ignite in front of blood and hatred in the country, both are present.

6. Japan

Japan is a very well developed first world country today. But the fact is that it still suffers from hostility, it set back many years back. Although according to Japanese laws and regulations, racism and discrimination are not permitted, what is the government called practices “positive discrimination”? It has very little tolerance for refugees and people from other countries. It is also a known fact that to do its best. It seems as if Islam is not allowed to enter the Muslim community in its state, it appears that Islam is not compatible with its culture. Such blatant cases of discrimination are prevalent in the country, and nothing is being done about it.

5. Germany

If you hate to sow hatred, you will only find hatred and stand as an example of what Germany can do to affect the minds of people with hate. Long after this, Germany became one of the world’s most racialized countries during Hitler’s reign. They all have a sense of hatred towards foreigners and still believe in German domination. Neo-Nazis are still present and talk about anti-Semitic views openly. These Navy Nazis think that Germany’s racist tendencies may have died with Hitler as a rude awakening. The German government and the United Nations are doing their best both to maintain these underground activities.

4. Israel

Israel has been among the controversies for several years now. And this has been done because of the crimes committed against the Palestinians and the Arabs of Israel. After World War II, a new state was carved for Jews, and the original inhabitants of the country were forced to become refugees in their land. Thus the ongoing struggle between Israel and Palestine began. But today, we can very well see how Israel has been treating sick people and discrimination on any basis.

3. Russia

Russia’s very hostile and ‘nationalist’ sentiments are still active. Even today, Russian people whom they feel racist towards ethnicity and are not indeed Russia. Apart from this, they are racist towards Africans, so far as Asians, Caucasian, Chinese, etc. develop it in conjunction with hatred and subsequent gross crimes against humanity. The Russian government has tried to prevent such incidents of racism to do its best for the United Nations, but they are continuing to take place in big cities not only in remote locations.

2. Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic majority country, and still, many struggles are taking place between the two sects of Shia and Sunni. There have been crimes between two factions for age and nothing is being done about it. Apart from this, the long war with neighboring India is something that is known to all the world. There have been racist incidents between Indians and Pakistanis. Apart from this, other castes like Africans and Latin Americans are also discriminating against it.

1. India

A land of such diversity is also the most stable country in the world. Indians are the most racist people in the world, and even today, a child born in the Indian family is taught to worship someone with white skin and look down on anyone with dark skin. And in this way, Indian racism was born against African and other dark-skinned people. A fair-skinned foreigner is treated like a god, and dark skin is maltreated. Conflicts between castes and people are being fought between different people like the problem between Marathi people and Biharis, among themselves. And yet, Indians would not accept this fact and claim about culture and diversity and acceptance. It is high time that we have what is really in the situation and says “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is God) positively open our eyes.



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