To keep your Kids healthy


The following feature will help you to keep your loving kids healthy. Try to read the feature and take care as following:


 Environment is categorized under mental and social environment. The environment of a home where a kid grows up should always smiling, fill with love & affection. The attitudes of your kids depend on how you and other family members of your family react over the servant of your house. You must behave the way that you expect from your kids. Never focus the weak points of your kids rather focuses the success of your baby. Physical and mental punishment must be prohibited.  


 Now come to physical environment. Now a day’s most of the people suffer from azma problem. The main reason for this is air pollution. Most of the father thinks that they are not smoke in front of his kids but they use bathroom or corridor for smoking.  Smoke is also affect ear and virus infection in the lungs of kids. Avoid smoking, burn coil, & ceresin stove in front of kids, who suffer from azma problem. Many think that influenza can be avoided by closing door & window of home. It is a wrong concept. When the air of home become warm if we keep window and door open the warm air passes out and fresh cool air come.


 Polluted water is responsible for various diseases such as, typhoid, diarrhea, and hepatitis etc. Most of mother asks that, till how many days boil water should take. Different Bacteria’s can be protected but not viruses by using filter water. Same case occurs by using chlorine tablet.

To keep your Kids healthy
To keep your Kids healthy

Virus & Bacteria can be protected by using Ultra Violet Ray but there is confusion. Water should boil for 10 minutes and keep in same pot. Boil water should use within 24 hours after boiled. Pure water is good for health till u can.


 The health of your kids depends on physical movement and balanced diet. After back from school your kids need to ready for coaching or self study. The only way for recreation is TV show or Computer games. They should participate in playing each day otherwise they must take exercise at least half an hour such as skipping, cycling, or running etc. Physical exercise and playing helps your kids to keep him physically and mentally sound. Take care about which program your kids enjoy in the Television (TV). Television is responsible for aggressive attitude of your kids. Lacking of physical exercise your baby may over weight or fat. In future fatty kids may suffer from diabetics, heart diseases and many others diseases.


 Now we discuss about food habit of your kids. To keep your kids healthy he need Protein, fat, Carbohydrate, Vitamin and minerals. We get protein from fish, meat, egg, milk, pulses, serial etc. Main source of fat is oil, butter, cheese, ghee, egg, big fishes and meat. Carbohydrate comes from rice, wheat, potato, and under ground vegetables. Green vegetables and fruits contain vitamin and minerals. Milk, fish, meat, egg and pulses build the body so it is called body building food. Body generates energy from rice, ruti, sugar, potato, under ground vegetable and oil used for cooking.

 Vitamin and minerals containing food, such as vegetables, fruits, and milk that protect your kid’s body from various diseases. Kids should take these three (3) types of food that is called balanced diet. Kids not want to take vegetables and fruits. As a result lack of vitamin and mineral water seen in your kid’s body and also lack of fiber in the foods. Taking a lower fiber causes kostho kathinno. You should build habit of your kids to take all foods as required. This food contains a lot of saturated fat that dispute to raise the cells of brain. It contains a lot of calorie that causes fatty your kids in improper way. Kids like soft drinks very much. It is dangerous for health. It only supply calorie in the body. It contains two (2) ingredients named Phosphoric acid and Cafin. Phosphoric acid weak the bone and cafin raise the mental anxiety and decreases sleeping. So from starting parents should avoid these unhealthy food and gives balanced diet to their cards.