5 Tips for Maintaining your Garage Door


Having doors for garages provide a lot of convenience, refinement and security that is sometimes under-appreciated until someone breaks in. Since garage doors happen to be the widely moving part at people’s homes while shifting, they are prone to susceptible damages that can reduce its visual appearance, worsen its usability and also compromise security and safety.

While good quality garage door openers and garage doors are usually quite durable, a tad bit preventative maintenance would ensure that garage door provides more years of durable and reliable service.

Following are 5 tips for maintaining your garage door.

1) Apply a Coat of Fresh Paint

Time and change in weather conditions can wear and tear your garage’s main door. As snow, direct sun heat and rain can leave the door in a miserable state. Even a brand new door may get a transformed with the help of some customized adjustments.
Getting a new door for your garage can take a good amount from your bank.

However, giving a fresh coat of paint is one the most affordable and convenient ways to maintain and give a makeover. Not only does it add a trendy look, it also gives professional effects.

Make sure to opt for a shade that matches your home’s color combination and exterior. Pay extra attention and keep in mind the shades of your front doors and roof, along with the materials. The choice of paint doesn’t necessarily need to be the same as your home’s exterior, but it should mix and match with the house.

When it comes to choosing the garage door shades, people prefer neutrals over bright and bold colors. Some of the famous shades that people prefer choosing are matte black, modern grey, warm brown or white.

2) Add Windows Panels

Adding or replacing your garage doors with a new set of windows can make a huge difference to its overall appearance. It requires no rocket science and can be done easily. It’s as simple as you measure and place an order for glass-based panels to replace with the old ones.

Sometimes people like to substitute plastic material windows with something more impact-resistant like glass windows. Or prefer frosted over smooth glass to give a different appearance. You can also consider even changing the shape and size, using a garage installer.

If you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend a fortune installing real windows, try creating your faux ones. You can create faux ones with vinyl decals, contact paper or black satin paint.

Make sure that you use painter’s tape, a die cut machine and a frog tape to get the perfect shape and size. You may also need to take the size of every window to measure its panel to make sure they are of the same size.

3) Enhance the Door

The purpose here is to add hue and contrast yet keeping the home’s design in mind. When considering makeover ideas for your garage door, you have plenty of options to choose from. Such doors give a different look altogether as compared to the automatic standard door. Not only they look classy, but add charm to the door. Tulsa is known for its amazing architecture. Many garages in Tulsa are well maintained and blend in with the exterior of homes.

4) Get Smart about Maintenance and Repairs

If you are tech savvy and want the same for your garage door, you can install a smart home device, which allows you to control your doors through software or app. Having a smart home device can save you from many things, such as, robbery, break ins, basically it keeps you and your house secure. You can even keep an eye on your garage.

Before you decide to make home exterior updates, make sure to look after the maintenance items in the market. This allows you a better door upgrade. Also, get to know the garage repair mechanism such as springs, track systems and openers.

5) Finish Off the Look with Final Touches

When giving a makeover to your garage doors, don’t forget to pay attention to details. These details include putting potted plants or add natural color near the garage door. You can try hanging artificial or natural flowers as well as put a water-based stone pattern near the door frame. Decorating the door with lights is another way of giving a nice look to it. Install fixtures in every corner of the door. Putting more around the garage door also makes the house feel secure and safe at night.

While garage doors might not be as stylish as the rest of your home’s exterior, but still one cannot underestimate their importance. With these 5 maintenance tips and other attention to details like preventative maintenance and safety measures they can operate dependably and safely for years.


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