4 Tips to follow while choosing Balloons for a Kid’s Party


Balloons are one of the most cheerful creations of almighty. It can bring a smile on anyone’s and everyone’s face. It can definitely light up your kid’s birthday celebration. Also balloons are the most economical and easiest way of celebrating one’s birthday. Now a days we have balloons of different sizes, shapes, colours and themes. There are different types of balloons like Helium filled balloons, Foil balloons, metallic balloons, gas balloons, cluster balloons and the list goes endless.

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We have a method to decide or choose balloons for kid’s birthday party which goes as follows:

1. Child’s Age

The most important factor to undertake while choosing balloons and balloon decoration for a birthday celebration is the age of the child. According to the age of the kid you can choose the type of balloons and theme of decoration. As for example if the kid is less than 5 years you can go for smaller latex balloons of different cartoon characters, animals, fairies, clouds and various other things that makes a toddler happy. If the age of a child is above 5 years and he is entering teenage one can go for printable balloons of various T.V characters, superheroes, Barbie, movie stars and various other artists admired by the child. You can also go for large Mylar balloons of emoticons, stars, inflated objects are latest fashion now a days.


2. Child’s Gender

These days’ kids admire characters regardless of gender and so you can obviously go for balloons not considering the gender of the kid. But if you insist on gender based decorations that is PINK for girls and BLUE for boys we need to take into consideration so many other aspects too. Balloons of bright pink, yellow, purple and violet colours for birthday celebration of girls. And characters like Barbie dolls, fairies, flamingos, unicorns, Hannah Montana and other such artists for girls. If there is birthday of a boy printed balloons of iron man, captain America, Thor, Hulk, Justin Bieber can be used for decoration. Balloons of various shapes, sizes and designs are now available at Balloon Delivery Las Vegas.

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3. Type of Decoration

Different types of decoration can be done like Photos hanging from balloons over ceiling, balloons scattered all over the floor, glow in dark balloons, Confetti balloons pasted on the wall, glow or any other balloons floated on the pool, inflated fruit shaped balloons and hanging them around the wall can be done for birthday celebration. For more artistic look you can create Packed Balloon Arches at the entrance for welcoming the guests. Inflated Alphabets and Numerical Balloons of birthday boy or girl’s name and age can be hanged at the centre. Also Balloons Bouquets or Centrepieces and Balloon columns with the help of sturdy metal rods can also be designed for wonderful decoration at the birthday celebration.

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4. Budget

One of the most important things to keep in mind while arranging any birthday party or any such occasion is the budget. Actually Balloons are very pocket friendly you can forego the budget but it is really important to plan a budget so why not? You can crack very good deals if you shop online, online shopping is a boon sometimes as it is hassle free and very less time consuming you can get it delivered at home at very cheap prices. If you are lucky enough find a wholesale balloon supplier you can get balloons at quite inexpensive prices and when shopping offline you can get the real idea of the quality of the balloons. Because of this you will have many options too for choosing the best balloons for your kid’s birthday party. There is now Balloon Delivery Houston and many other places where you can get your favourite designed and shapes of balloons at your door step.

So, now by following these simple steps you can make the decoration for your child’s birthday party. Balloons are like cherry on cake it can add extra taste and colours to any

celebration and especially birthday parties. Balloons are indispensable feature of any occasion and no party is complete without crazy decor of balloons so ahead and celebrate your child’s birthday with pomp and joy.



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