8 things you should know before building a mobile app When you download an app to your phone, what are the things you check? Do you check the permissions? In a recent survey on Facebook, fans revealed that 46% of the 838 people surveyed, responded negatively to their knowledge about permissions.  Most of us are in hurry while downloading and installing app. But, taking a few minutes to read app ratings, read reviews, and go through permissions can save you from downloading an unimportant app for your phone. So, do not be in a hurry to install an app just because your friend has it or it is available for free. Given below is a list of pointers to help you choose the right application for your smartphone:

  • You must make it a point to download an application from an official application downloading platform. You must install an application from the Android Market, Google Play, App World for Blackberry, Ovi Store (Symbian), or App Store. You should avoid 3rd party repositories as they pose a huge security risk.
  • Reading reviews always help in choosing the best mobile application. You can get reviews of applications at the official downloading repositories. You must pay attention to what people say about the application you intend to download. Reading reviews will help you understand whether downloading certain application will cause any issue with the device. Being cautious will help keep malware from your smartphone.
  • It is equally important to read resource and permission access the application requires on your phone. If you are using permission based mobile platform like Android, Blackberry, or iOS, you must check the app’s advertised features. You need to compare those on the list of permission or resource access the app asks for.
  • Never ever root or jailbreak your phone. Especially iOS users may be tempted to use small applications that are not directly from the App Store, but the jail breaking process strips your device defenceless against hacking or malware attacks. A similar situation can occur before Android users when they use third-party apps that root their devices to have access to entire features and data in the devices.
  • There is another thing that all smartphone owners must do before downloading applications. They must install a mobile security suite. If you are wondering about the security of your smartphone, you must keep the operating system of your phone updated. Thus, there will be no more security holes or flaws through which your phone can get affected.

It is also important to make sure that the app you are installing is what you really want. If you do not need something, avoid downloading it, as it might take up unnecessary space on your phone. It won’t be a smart decision to install something that you do not need.

It is suggested that you follow the pointers given here to avoid any mobile crime. According to the findings of Symantec Corp, mobile vulnerabilities increased to 93% in the year 2011. And Android operating system has shown the most vulnerability. So, you need to be careful about the application you are downloading.