Things to Know Before Applying for Hospital Cash Insurance Policy


If you are someone who has a low immunity and frequently gets ill or worse, gets hospitalized, you would understand that the charges you pay in the hospitals are unreasonably high. Paying such costs occasionally would probably not bother your pockets, but frequent visits can significantly disturb your finances. With a Hospital Cash Insurance policy, you can eliminate this major concern without any hassle. You can avail everyday expenses for the treatment you undergo in the hospital with this hospital plan.

Features and Benefits of Hospital Cash Cover

Bajaj Finserv, one of India’s leading financial company, offers hospital insurance policy under the blanket of pocket insurance policies. You can avail great benefits in an economical price range with a quick application procedure. Following are the advantages and features of the hospital cash insurance plan offered by the company:

High Sum Value

You get a high sum value of up to Rs 1 lakh under this hospital plan with Bajaj Finserv

Low Premium

You get the benefit of an ideal hospital cover at a cost as low as Rs 322 per annum.

Everyday Cash Benefit

You can avail daily cash benefit under the hospital cash insurance policy as per your requirement. You have an option to choose from Rs 100, Rs 2000, and Rs 3000 for your daily hospital allowance. Also, you can avail this facility for your daycare treatment.

Premium Payment

The premium of this cover can vary as per the category of age band you fall in. There are three categories of age band with three separate premium rates, they are:

Age Band

Premium Payment

18 years to 40 years

Rs. 489 per annum

41 years to 50 years

Rs. 548 per annum

50 years to 60 years

Rs. 779 per annum

What is excluded from the Hospital Insurance Policy from Bajaj Finserv?

  • If you get hospitalized in the first 30 days of the inception of the policy, no hospitalization charges will be covered.

  • Any disability or injury that preexists before buying the policy is not covered as per the policy schemes.

  • If you are admitted to a hospital without taking any treatment, no coverage under the policy will be provided.

  • Hospitalization due to an illness that is aggravated by a pre-existing condition is not covered under the policy.

  • Inoculation and vaccination charges are not covered unless it is a part of the treatment of the injury/illness due to an accident.

  • Any treatment that is taken outside the boundaries of India is not covered under the hospital cash insurance plan.

  • Treatment taken by people who are not registered under the plan would not be covered.

  • Cosmetic surgeries, aesthetic treatments, and plastic surgeries are not covered under the plan unless it is needed for the treatment of an injury caused due to an accident.

  • For the first policy year, no preexisting conditions will be covered under the hospital plan.

How to Apply for a Hospital Cash Cover?

You can easily apply for a hospital insurance policy with the quick application procedure with Bajaj Finserv. All you got to do is to log in to the website, fill up an online application form and make the online premium payment. Your policy will be issued soon after the premium payment.

How to Claim for Hospital Cash Cover with Bajaj Finserv?

You can claim for a hospital cash insurance policy by contacting the company by sending an email to or make a call to the toll-free number, 1800-209-1021.


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