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In Kristar you will find a wide variety of selective racks , which have been designed to optimize the needs of each type of warehouse, as well as the type of cargo that will be stored. We are world leaders in global storage solutions, all thanks to the fact that we have become process facilitators that positively impact the increase of the company’s sales, improving its productivity while minimizing the costs of the storage operation. As leaders in the field, this time we will talk about the most functional system for collecting and caring for materials: the shelves, as well as the different types of these.

Storage is a key factor in maintaining an organization in optimal conditions, and we all know that the well-being of stored products is the most important at this stage. Because any industrial shelf is not always functional for all types of merchandise, it is key that we know well the characteristics of the structures and the best way to use them.


This type of shelving has a special design for the storage of loads of pallets, as well as products of manual loading; These industrial racks are special for the use of vertical space, through a simple and selective system that facilitates the fast operation of loading and unloading pallets by using stevedores, forklifts or manually. They are divided into three groups:

Selective shelf type semi-heavy: It allows storage up to 800 kg / level and has a maximum height of eight meters.

Selective shelving heavy type: Ideal to store up to 1,800 kg / level and has a maximum height of twelve meters.

Selective shelving type super load: It allows to store up to 3.000 kg / level and the maximum height is designated according to the requirements of the client.


They allow us to maximize the use of space, both at the surface level and at the height level, since its objective is to maximize the capacity of our warehouses. This type of racks are made up of sets of shelves, forming interior loading lanes, which consist of support rails for the pallets, so they offer a high resistance and result in storing high load pallets. Undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable features of the compact system is that the storage density is higher than that of the conventional system.


It is usually used in warehouses that exceed ten meters in height. In the self-supporting warehouse, the construction structure is made up of the shelves themselves, so that the storage structure and that of the building are integrated into one. It is recommended that the floor on which they will be placed should be as flat and horizontal as possible, to prevent them from collapsing and should be located at least 0.70 m from the side wall or later.


They are divided into two systems, drive in and drive thru, of which we will talk next:

Drive In: Allows a forklift to advance through the pallet positions to store or extract. The shelves are vertical columns with horizontal rails that support pallets at a height higher than the forklift, where each level has an independent support, they are ideal for storing large volumes of the same non-perishable goods, since the first stage to enter will be the last to leave.

Drive Thru: This is a shelf like the Drive In, but it can be accessed from both sides. It is used to program the loads on hold and thus load the platforms on one end and download them on the other. Dynamic racks are ideal for perishable products, where FIFO inventory control is required, ie First First Inputs, also known as FIFO.


They are storage racking systems with a lot of load capacity, especially of long and bulky products; These are wood products, plates, profiles, bars or steel elements, as well as old vehicles and all types of heavy loads. They differ in height useful depth, load capacity or profile thickness, according to the requirements, as well as the hanging arms and adjustable height.


The shelves with mezzanines solve the problems of storage and processing of material manually. This design is useful for companies whose activities are related to the need for a dense store layout. The most frequent use of selective racks occurs in companies that are dedicated to document management, mainly because it provides a quick and economical solution for storage problems, it can be extended as required at any time.

As we can see, every logistics and storage need has a solution, but it is important to take the user’s operational requirements as a starting point and, based on them, establish which is the most suitable industrial storage system, because we know that each warehouse is different, from the area destined for storage, to the type of product that each company manages, for that reason in Kristar you will find the support of our advisors, to know the different options that adjust to what your company really needs and obtain an effective use of the space, optimizing the processes within the daily work in the warehouse; we are a group of racks suppliers that have eleven production plants in six countries and with their own commercial structure in India,

In Kristar you will find the largest variety of selective racks , which can be manufactured to the extent they require and thus make the most of their benefits. In addition, it is important to mention that our shelves are designed and manufactured according to the seismic zone where they will be installed, based on the regulations of the institutions: RMI, UBC – 97, CFE.


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