Spring Cleaning At Least Once A Year!


While people often reserve the deep, pull-everything-apart clean for spring, I argue that this is something you should be doing seasonally to ensure that your home is a peaceful, healthy and enjoyable place to be.

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Jerks down and fight, the big spring cleaning is off! To find a nickel floor-to-ceiling home, follow our battle plan, arm yourself with efficient household products and surround yourself with a team of shock!

Spring cleaning: the big activities

Triage, a step not to be neglected

The spring cleaning will help you sort through your things. This step is essential to identify the objects that are useful to you and those you need to get rid of. It also saves space in your interior and storage space. After careful sorting, old or duplicate items can be resold, donated to charities or thrown away if they are broken.

From floor to ceiling, where to start?

To start your spring cleaning, we advise you to start by cleaning the ceiling. It is better to use a stepladder to do this task well. You must first dust off with a soft bristle brush. Then soap the surface of the ceiling with a broom and rinse with water to finish. After the ceiling, you can attack the walls. Finally, the floor last, with a polish for floors or a shampooer for carpets. Do not forget to move your furniture to reach inaccessible corners.

Look after your furniture, appliances and cookware

During the big cleaning, do not forget to take care of your furniture as well as your household appliances. For this, you must dust all your furniture. You can then maintain those using different products according to the material of your furniture. When servicing electronic devices, do not spray water or household products or dismantle your device. A soft cloth or an electrostatic brush is enough to get rid of the dust. Kitchen equipment also requires regular maintenance. During the spring cleaning in the kitchen, consider defrosting your fridge / freezer to eliminate ice and save energy. The opportunity also to clean the filters of the extractor hood. Do not forget to unplug your appliances, kettle, and toaster during maintenance work.

Air and disinfect the house

For your health, consider airing your home during and after the spring cleaning. This allows you to evacuate dust and moisture. Burn lavender sprigs like incense, or essential oils to clean the air in a natural way. You can use natural products to disinfect the house and eliminate microbes and bad odors with black soap and white vinegar.

Spring cleaning, a matter of organization

To do list, to remember nothing

The realization of a good spring cleaning lies in the organization. Before doing chores, it’s best to list things to do for each piece you need to clean. A cushion to remove, a shower curtain to replace, a carpet to clean, does not hesitate to write everything to better optimize your time.

Choosing the right materials

To get a nickel look, consider choosing quality materials for the spring cleaning. You should have sponges, a soft cloth, a brush, a broom, a vacuum cleaner and some detergent at hand. The choice of a good household product is essential. Think of newsprint for cleaning windows and mirrors. Avoid using chemicals as much as possible. Instead, prefer natural products.

Housekeeping room by room

Housekeeping room by room is one of the most logical ways to clean your house. Do not overdo it, it’s best to schedule cleaning days for each room and involve your little family! Each his room, and a single goal per weekend, for the garage or the cellar for example, the sorting of toys for children, that of administrative papers for Dad! This will help you sort out your business and save time.

Choose the right cleaning product, not easy!

Organic products for a green household

In the long term, the use of chemical-based cleaning products can be harmful to your health. That’s why we recommend the use of ecological products for your cleaning. Make sure your products are 100% natural. Environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning products are often accompanied by a label that certifies their compliance with European standards. If you are looking for efficient products – both environmentally friendly and economical – we recommend you opt for the products you. The brand has a complete range of cleaning products made from 100% plant-based substances, biodegradable, without petroleum derivatives or chemical or synthetic additives. Whether for cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, the floor, or the windows, the proposed references are all respectful of the environment.

Maintenance products not to be used

According to a recent Norwegian study, household products sold in supermarkets would be carcinogenic or cause acute respiratory diseases, such as asthma, their effects being as harmful as smoking 1 pack of cigarettes per day for 20 years! In fact, the inhalation of their chemical micro-particles damages the lungs in an irreversible way. Such is the case of surface cleaners, anti-mites or deodorants. Professional housekeepers and house cleaners would be most at risk. In order to preserve you, we advise you to use a mask mouth during the household tasks and to prefer simple methods, like water and micro-fiber rags with natural products to carry out your cleaning.

Who to ask for help

To successfully complete your spring cleaning, we advise you to involve the whole family and your loved ones to lighten the task. And for a thorough household, you can seek help from a qualified housekeeper.


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