Sport Swimwear Trends for 2019/2020


With summer practically already here and the swimsuit season open, it’s only logical that most people will be interested in new swimwear trends. For 2019/2020, the trends are definitely familiar and nostalgic, but with their own unique modern twist. On the lookout for a new swimsuit? Then, keep on reading.

  1. Retro-inspired swimwear

 This is hardly surprising. Retro-style clothes and swimwear have been very popular in recent years. But, when it comes to 2019/2020 swimwear trends, you can expect even more retro designs. High-waisted bottoms will always be a great trend but, nowadays, swimwear with high-waisted belts is getting more attention. Together with cherry prints, the new wave of retro is definitely going to be strong this season as well.

  1. High-cut legs

High-cut legs were always stylish and elegant but, nowadays, the trend has made a truly bombastic comeback. After all, this particular design elongates your legs, highlights your curves and looks sexy. It’s easy enough to find both two-pieces and one-piece swimwear with high-cut legs in various patterns and styles. So, if you’d like to show some skin and look absolutely stunning, don’t hesitate to try this particular design as well.

  1. Sporty all the way

Sports swimsuits have also been very popular in the last couple of years, and especially those two-piece sets with top imitating the look of a sports bra. Brief-like bottoms were also at the top of the popularity list for a while. But, the sporty trend to follow is all about sports one-piece swimsuits! Thanks to the top-quality material and effective design, these can look rather amazing on various body types.

  1. Long-sleeved swimsuits

It may sound strange at first but long-sleeved swimwear has become a thing – and popular at that! In general, the most common design includes the classic one-piece cut with long or three-quarter sleeves. And actually, these swimsuits can look both stylish and sporty, depending on the pattern you decide to go with. They’re great for surfing and other water activities while they also offer better protection from the sun.

  1. Animal print is all in

2019/2020 may as well be the season of animal prints. You won’t only notice the common leopard and tiger patterns, but other animals as well. Snake skin is especially popular in the fashion world. That said, it’s no wonder that modern swimwear got an animal print makeover. Regardless of the cut, design, and style of the swimsuit, the chances that it’s available in some kind of an animal print are pretty high.

  1. Yellow is the new black

Aside from animal print, the main color of the year, at least when swimsuits are concerned, is undoubtedly yellow. This is due to the fact that various shades of yellow look absolutely great on all skin tones. Whether you have a tan or not is completely irrelevant as the yellow shade makes a sufficient and flattering contrast.

  1. Hoops, stings and rings

Even though they may not feature plenty of fabric, it’s still important to somewhat accessorize swimwear. This season, hoops, strings and rings will still be the most effective accessories for sprucing up an otherwise plain swimming suit. Hunter McGrady also embraced this trend in her Sports Illustrated photo session with minimal yet very effective rings on the sides of her swimsuit.

  1. New kind of fabric

Just like long-sleeved swimsuits are making their popularity debut, some materials are doing the same. That said, puckered fabrics, smocking, and ruched textures, as well as embroidery (crinkle material, basically), make for some of the favorite swimwear trends for Instagram models. Surprisingly, these can dry pretty fast, which makes them functional, too.

The progress continues and 2019/2020 is another season when various and vastly different designs and trends will celebrate equal popularity. Swimwear-wise, consumers will get the chance to try and purchase a large number of swimsuits until they find the perfect one for them personally.



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