Some Cautions for Using Mobile Phone


Now a day, most of the people uses mobile phone. The demand for using mobile phone increases day by day. It has both positive & negative impact. Negative impact is cause of our use. Following tips will help you to reduce negative impact of using mobile phone.

  • Use mobile phone at left ear.
  • It is very dangerous to use mobile phone when charge becomes one point because radiation will increase 1000 multiplier.
  • It is dangerous to talk in mobile phone at the time of charging.
  • Never keep mobile phone below your fellow at the time of sleeping. As result radiation reach at your brain directly. It is very harmful for your brain.
  • If possible keep your phone switched off or Airplane mode at the time of sleeping.
  • Don’t use mobile phone at the time of driving. It causes accident.
  • Don’t keep mobile phone near computer or Television or any other radiated electronics device.
  • Continuous use of mobile phone or smart phone cause various mental problems or you may depress. Excessive use of mobile phone may cause negative impression over you by your nearest people. They may leave you for excessive use of mobile phone.

Most of technology minded people communicate with each other through various internet communication media. It is positive sign but don’t forget to communicate with parents and other member of your family for using internet communication media.