Soft Light Retouching For Your Portrait Image


Portrait photography is one type of photography which displays the personality, expression and mood of a person or a group of people. Usually portrait photography focused on the person’s face, although the whole body and the background or context may be included.

Sometimes we need to minimize a portrait picture faults, for doing this we can get the help of photo retouching technique. It will support to make a simple photograph into a glamorous one to represent its extra flawless with a slight click on your mouse.

After following this tutorial it will be easier to make a normal portrait photograph into a soften and smooth your picture skin tone with a soft light retouching technique. For all the instruction are based on Adobe Photoshop CS6 software but you can use any version of Adobe Photoshop for doing this. For Mac user some instruction can be different. Here is the procedure I’m trying to give instruction one by one-

Soft Light Retouching

  • At first you should click on “File” fromthe menu bar, then select “Open” or, you can use “Ctrl+o” command for open your selected picture
  • Your next task will be creating a new layer, you can make a new layer by “ Ctrl +j” command
  • Then select “ Quick Selection Tool” from the toolbox
  • Now select those parts of the picture you want to keep same and deselect those you don’t want to see as a background. You can also set the “Tolerance level” to select the selective color range from your picture.
  • You can include different portion by click on “add to selection” or can do vice versa by click on “Subtract From Selection”
  • Now press on the “Lasso tool” then select “Refine Edge” from the sub menu bar. Now fix the “Radius Amount” from the “ Edge Detection” and set the “Adjust Edge Level” as you prefer. Then press ok
  • If you want to blur the selective image you can select “filter” then choose any blur option. If you select “surface blur” from the menu bar, you can set the amount of radius and threshold.
  • If you want to recolor and soft your picture screen color creates a new layer, then press on “ new filter and adjustment layer” then curve; now set your expected retouch color and press ok.
  • For softing your image screen you should follow those necessary steps: take a new layer then select “gradient tool” from the sidebar, select your expected color then select “ screen” option from the layer box and set your opacity.
  • If you get your expected image result, then merge all the layer by selecting all the layer and press on right click on your mouse and press “merge layer”.
  • And finally save your image as your preferable format.

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