How to Block SMS from unexpected number


In recent time most of mobile phone user is hassled by call from wrong number. Female users are the main sufferer of this problem. When a user doesn’t pick a call or ended the call after understand the wrong number then the caller writes and send bad SMS. We know we can block a phone number that disturb a phone user, but following steps help you to block SMS from unexpected phone number.

Step 1:

Download a file Sized 1 MB from the following link,

Step 2:

After downloading the file install it and then open it. If you want to block a new number then click Call Block option. To see the blocked calls click on Blocked.


Step 3: After clicking on Blacklist you can see the following view. Click ADD button located at below right corner of following view:

Step 4: Now select any option as you want from the following four (4) options.

Follow the above work flow to avoid unexpected call and SMS.