How to Effectively Promote Your Small Business on Instagram


Instagram is widely popular as the image-sharing social media platform. It was launched in 2010 and was taken over by Facebook in 2012 for a whopping $1 billion. Instagram is a rapidly growing social networking site with over 500 DAUs or daily active users. Businesses must be keen to leverage this powerful social media platform. Between ads, stories, and posts, there is absolutely no dearth of Instagram marketing tools. It is imperative to create a business-centric Instagram account. You need to switch over from your personal Instagram account to your Instagram for Business account for accessing analytics. Here are some of the effective ways of leveraging Instagram for Business to boost your social media presence.

Do Not Ignore the Importance of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are videos and photos that are supposed to vanish after 24 hours. Remember Instagram provides a plethora of tools for creating creative and engaging stories. Small businesses must necessarily leverage the power of Instagram Stories for effectively marketing their services and products, and conveying their messages successfully to all those followers who would not have otherwise seen the regular Instagram posts appearing in their feed. Thanks to the latest algorithm updates, you could have access to all followers.

You could incorporate normal pictures, boomerangs, videos, music, basic text, and focused images to your Story. Once you click a photo or record your video, you could consider adding stickers like hashtags to your specific content, your location, and even tags for other Instagram users etc.

You could have easy access to stickers such as polls, sliding bars, and questions that help you in interacting directly with your users. In this context, you must know that there is a more effective way of attracting attention to your particular brand or service and that is by cleverly using Stories Highlights that is simply a highlight reel. You would find them on your profile just above your post and they would be staying on your profile till they are eliminated by you. Instagram Stories are the way to go for an instant rise to Instagram fame. Moreover, you could contact reputed sites such as for getting more Instagram likes and boosting followers.

Use Interesting Live Videos

Along with Instagram Stories now, users have the option of taking and streaming live videos which would be vanishing. Instagram Live would be letting you broadcast video in real-time to your followers. This is a blend of Snapchat and Facebook Live. You may give your esteemed customers an opportunity to peep behind-the-scenes pertaining to the fascinating aspects of your company. Showcase your products or even respond to live questions via the comments.

You have the option of keeping public live broadcasts for 24 hours in the Instagram Stories. They could be replayed thereby all your followers for 24 hours only. You may tap the Share button post your broadcast for adding to your Instagram Story or alternatively click on the Toggle Button for discarding it. So, once the live video is over, you could keep it for 24 hours in your Instagram Stories but then you would need to upload the video or consider shooting the video via the application to post. You could consider changing the cover or adding filters. You also could consider adding sound.

Interact Actively With Other Users on Instagram

There are certainly several ways of interacting with other Instagram users. For example, you could go on tagging other Instagram users in your pictures or message people privately.

  • Liking is certainly a simple method of connecting actively with other users. For liking a post, you may either tap the given heart button just under the post or double-tap the picture.
  • Commenting means active interaction with other users and your followers. The comment button is just placed strategically next to your like button and you simply need to tap the comment button to be taken to the particular comments page for that specific picture with the text box, where you could insert your comment. You may hit the Post button when done.
  • Mentioning: Just like Twitter, you may consider using the “@ symbol” for tagging other Instagram users in your pictures, post captions, and even comments.
  • Tagging: Instagram gives you the option of adding tags before posting a video or a picture. For doing that, you simply need to click on Tag People just before sharing the video or photo and then tap the exact place on the picture where you wish to add your tag. The app would be prompting you to actually type the user’s name in order to search for the account.
  • Direct Messaging: For accessing Instagram Direct, you simply need to go to your homepage and then tap the button placed on your top right corner. You could now send instant private messages, videos, and pictures to other Instagram users.

Conclusion: Definitely Use Hashtags

The introduction of hashtags by Twitter and Instagram was a masterstroke and did wonders for content reach and organization. It has since found use on most major forums and social networks and remains tremendously popular. You could use letters and numbers in your hashtag but no special characters. By playing your cards right, you should be able to ensure great reach for your posts. You must make sure that you don’t overload your caption with hashtags because that could irritate users or even trigger spam filters. You can use popular hashtags as long as they make sense considering the brand and the content you are sharing. #selfie, #nofilter, and #tbt are super popular but really don’t make sense for promotional content. You should opt for quality over quantity, even if Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. You can create a new hashtag for a product or an event so that consumers all over the world can keep up with it. Using random hashtags might get you some likes but will not do much for you in the long run because it is random traffic. You should learn how hashtags work and how best to utilize them, whether customized ones or pre-existing. It’s somewhere between a science and an art, and the one who masters it will have all of Instagram’s power at his disposal.


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