5 Signs you May Have a Thyroid Problem


Here is a fact that everyone should know. Experts say that people that are 35 years old and above should get annual check-up for potential thyroid problems. However, new research found out that the problem has become more prevalent than previously thought.

According to statistics, about 13 million Americans are suffering from thyroid disease. The scary part is that these are the numbers of people that have been diagnosed. This number could go up if only people know the signs that they are having thyroid problems.

Here are some signs that you should look out for:

Weight change:

If you are still not achieving results from your diet, then there could be something wrong on how you are doing the diet or it could be something else. If you are dead sure that you are doing the diet correctly yet still no results, it could be a case of hypothyroidism. Weight loss can become doubly hard when there is a thyroid problem. Also, if you are not losing weight and yet your weight plummets, then it could also attributable to a thyroid problem. Tell the doctor if you suspect that there is trouble so that necessary steps will be taken.


Do you feel tired even if you have slept for more than eight hours? If you feel that sleeping for eight hours make you drowsy at work or school then it is possible to have thyroid problems bothering you. You can sleep and nap all you want and still feel tired because your thyroid problem is getting into the way. It is also possible to have nighttime insomnia which is the reason why you feel tired during daytime.

Dry skin:

If you are suffering from dry skin and there is no moisturizer that cured it. Then it is possible that you are suffering from thyroid problems. Make sure that your skin gets treated by a dermatologist before heading to an internist to find out if you indeed have problems with thyroid. Never ever self-medicate if you are having skin problems that are not ordinary. Brittle nails and hair are also signs that you may be having thyroid problems.

Enlarged neck:

Goiter is a manifestation of an enlarged thyroid gland. If there is a lump that is growing around the neck area or you start to feel that your necklace is starting to hurt you or a hoarse voice, then it may be a sign of thyroid problems. Try to have you neck tested by a doctor so they can determine if indeed you are having problems.

Period irregularities:

Heavy, painful and frequent periods may be associated to hypothyroidism as short, infrequent and lighter periods may be a result of having hyperthyroidism. Also, infertility could also be caused by undiagnosed thyroid problems.

Undiagnosed thyroid problems may cause serious health risks and may lead to health complications. It is best to have a visit to your doctor to have some tests done. An ounce of prevention, as the cliché goes, is worth a pound of cure.

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