Shaving Routine Every Man Should Follow

After-Shave Care

All of us follow various routines in our lifetimes. Throughout our lives, we keep learning more about new things and get better at them. So there is always room for improvement no matter how long you have been doing something. You may shave regularly, but that doesn’t mean that you know all about it. You can always learn more and get better at it. Shaving is not the mere act of removing your stubble with a blade; it is a lot more than that.

For the best shaving experience, every man should follow the following routine:

1.    The Right Start:

How many times have you heard the phrase that preparation is the key to success? A lot of times, right? If you want to have the best shaving experience, then you better prepare everything. Set all your shaving essentials on the shaving surface before going into the shower so you can shave as soon as you are done showering. Shaving immediately after taking a shower has numerous benefits. Your stubble will be softer after the shower, and you will be able to shave it without any problems. It is also beneficial to wash your face with a cleanser before you shave.

2.    Shaving Cream:

After washing your face, apply your favorite shaving cream. Don’t go for shaving creams that have too many chemicals. Another thing to avoid is applying the shaving cream on your face with fingers because that could cause skin problems. Use organic shaving cream and apply it with a shaving brush.

Shaving cream will help you get a smooth shave and protect you from cuts. If your stubble is too stiff for a smooth shave, then wait for a couple of minutes after applying the shaving cream. Once the cream gets absorbed in the hair and makes them soft, you can get to the next step.

3.    Best Razors:

When it comes to shaving, a bad razor can mess up both your skin and your shave. A low-quality razor blade will get dull quickly and is bad for both your skin and your pocket. So if you want this step of your routine to be successful, then you should choose razors that won’t disappoint you. High-quality razors don’t always have to be super expensive. There are many razors available at and other ecommerce platforms which offer high quality razors at cost effective prices.   

Changing razors blades frequently is a huge problem which is why most men end up using the same blades for a long time, even when they get dull. This leads to skin problems because dull blades have to be pressed harder for results. However, with better quality razors, you won’t have to face that problem. Although following the shaving routine as a whole is very important, having the right razor should be your top priority, everything else comes later.

4.    After-Shave Care:

Shaving is half the work; the rest is equally important. If you don’t care for your skin after shaving, your skin can develop irritation. Once you have washed your face after shaving to remove any remaining cream or hair, it is time for the aftershave. People don’t really care about the quality of their aftershaves and just pick one at random. However, if an aftershave is giving you the burning sensation, you made the wrong choice. Go for non-alcoholic and organic aftershaves.

Moisturizing your face after shaving is also essential. You can either use aftershave and then a moisturizer a little later, or you can kill two birds with one stone and get an aftershave moisturizer. With the help of the latter, you can keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. The moisturizer will keep your skin protected from the after-effects of shaving. Get a moisturizer based on your skin type so you can get the most out of it. Don’t spray your cologne near your shaved areas to avoid skin irritation.

Start following this shaving routine because it will help you get the perfect shave and protect your skin from all kinds of damages.  


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