People self reliance


self reliance:
we know all man, every man want self reliance, but what is self reliance?self reliance is habit of doing our own work our selves without depending on others. self reliance means to stand on our own leg.There have many noble virtue/quality in human life and self reliance is one of them and is found in the life of all great men and women. In order to succeed in life man is to practice different virtue i.e Discipline, punctuality,and self reliance but self reliance is one of them.

Noble virtue punctuality means the quality of doing things at the right time,punctuality is a regular habit for any man because we can do a thing at the right time if we want, but it is not an easy matter. It  is easier to loiter and kill valuable time.It is much easier to put things off and say, we will do it tomorrow.

In this way, we many  get into bad habit easily. It is easy to from a habit but it is difficult to break it. so when we get into bad habits, it becomes difficult to get out of them. we must be careful to do a thing at the right time. The best motto to keep before us is,”Do it now?”

We must try to learn the habit  of observing punctuality from the very beginning of our life.Punctuality saves our time. I feel seem to be, without punctuality nobody can prosper and do full Justice to his duty. There is at proverb that “God helps those who help themselves”, to depend on others is a great course.

My mind say, without punctuality and discipline nobody teach self reliance. It is essential for every success in life. Great or noble nations do not depend on others, if we can do our own work after much laborer without the help of others, we will get heavenly satisfaction. Am I Right? I want to know your concept. “We also know time and tide wait for none”.