Hurrican sandy curtails US nuclear Plants


The hurricane Sandy has also affected the nuclear firms in the US, not only have some ceased operations, those still in operation have been slowed down. The nation’s oldest facility has been closed down after the floods went high and endangered one of the key cooling systems.

The alert on the nation’s Oyster creek came when the water levels rose to more than 6.5 feet above what is considered to be the normal water levels. The alert had to be put forth since the water intake to the cooling systems was affected.

With high water levels, the motor which pump the water will submerge the motors causing unnecessary warning and alerts. The water levels need to be below 6 feet so that the nuclear plants could resume work. The oyster creek was affected, as it is 60 miles east of Philadelphia on the coast of New Jersey. No one wanted to take the risk with the sandy as it is considered the largest ever experienced in the region. With over 90 miles per hour winds and storms surging over 13 foot. The risk was not worth it. However, in due time, the nuclear plant might resume operations.

Even though the alert is not catastrophic, the nuclear plants in the US have passed the test. Immediate alert had to be taken but the safety levels of these plants were impressive.