How to Select the Right Spill Kit for Your Spill Needs


Spills are often considered a problem that can be easily addressed, as long as the right spill kit is on hand. How to choose the right spill kit for particular situations may require you to follow a few, simple steps.

  • Determine the kind of spill that you may encounter – Most facilities have a wide variety of spills to take into consideration. Some may have only oil-based or water-based spills to deal with.In order for you to choose the right spill kit for your facility, you will need to make a list of the possible substances that can cause spills in your facility. This will help you determine what kind of spill response kit to use or to have on hand.
  •  Prepare for different spill sizes and situations – Anticipating the kind of spill your company may be susceptible to and how large a spill these may be can help you determine what kind of spill kit or kits should be purchased for your needs.If you process or use barrels of liquid substances in your facility, you may need to prepare for barrel-sized spills.  If you use bottles of chemicals, buckets of oil and barrels of water in your processes, you may probably need to provide different kinds of spill kits for the different sized spills these may produce.
  •  Finding a good brand that you can rely on – Not all spill kits are created equal and not all spill kit claims are accurate. You will need to find a reliable spill kit brand that can take care of your spill problems as effectively as possible. Brands like DAWG carry a huge number of spill kit choices that can cover a good number of spill sizes and types. DAWG also has a wide array of absorbents that can be used to take care of spills as small as a glass of water to those that are as wide as an entire floor.
  • Make a list of the places where spills may occur in your facility – Choosing spill kits for your facility also dictates that you should foresee where these spills might occur. If you have tanks of water that may be prone to oil or fuel spills, you will need to have a particular type of spill kit ready for that.

If your facility does not have water holding units or bodies of water that may be susceptible to spills, you can easily forgo spill kits that are aimed at taking care of these environs. There are spill kits that can be used on both land and water and kits that can only be used on land.       There are kits that can be effectively used on porous surfaces like soil and others that can be used only on surfaces that do not absorb these spills. Knowing what kind of environment may be prone to spills in your facility will help you determine what kind of spill kits you should ultimately provide your workers with.

  •  Determine your company’s budget and needs before making your choices – While some people may purchase a whole lot of spill kits in many different variants for their company, some may be a bit careful of the purchases they make due to budgetary constraints.

Check your budget to see if you can cover a lot of different kinds of spill kits for your company or if you should opt for the more universal or general usage kits to cover most of your spill concerns. This will help you narrow down your selection considerably.

These are but a few of the methods you can use to help determine what kinds of spill kits you should get for your facility and how many. You will also need to check out the different spill kit variants used for oil-based, chemical-based and water-based spills on Click Here.