How to Register a Property in Bangladesh?


Now a day most of the people are unaware about property registration in Bangladesh. As a result they may face various problems to register their property. This content will help individuals to register their property easily.

1. Verify the records of rights from the Land Office (Land Revenue Office) that land tax payments are up to date.
2. Apply For Transfer (Mutation) Certificate Of Property at the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Specific Tahsil Office.
3. Request Inspection for RS Mutation – Only mandatory, if the property is under control of the National Housing Authority or RAJUK. Also check, if the property is up to date with payments to the City Corporation Revenue Department.
4. Request a Non-Encumbrance Certificate at the Sub-registry Office – The Land legal status. Land report can also be required to provide more detailed information.
5. Prepare deed of transfer and pay stamp duty at Registry Office and Designated Bank
6. Pay capital gains tax, registration fee and other taxes at a designated bank
7. Apply for registration document at the Municipal Deed Registry Office, presenting the payment receipts for registration fees – See step 6.
8. Register the change in ownership at the Land Revenue Office and pay the land taxes in the transfer day