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As of now, all the MNCs and most of the SMEs are using automation in some way or the other. Even though now the market is flooded with HR and payroll management software, it would not be wrong to say that a decade back the companies had only a few options to choose from. With little knowledge of parameters to choose a great software, it was easy to get swayed away by the demos that salesperson give and whatever they pitch. The choices made earlier for your business may not work now. So, in this blog, we show you several parameters that you can use to analyze the current HR software you are using. Maybe, what worked for you before, may not work for you now. Let us begin to check if you need to change the software you are using or it is reliable enough.

  • How easy is it to use?

The software that you are using should be able to automate almost every task that a payroll software can. For instance, the input from attendance software should be taken by the payroll software directly with a few clicks. If your software cannot do this, you must must must change your software as this way it is not decreasing the complexity but increasing them. If you even after owning the software have to input the data manually, human errors are bound to happen. Besides, the software should also be able to perform activities like keeping a tab on attendance, leaves, loans, F&F should also be conducted quickly and easily. Most importantly, if you have to seek support from IT then probably this is another red flag for you to change the software. Shouldn’ t the software be so easy to use that even a non-technical individual can navigate through it?

  • How happy are your employees with the software?

HR and payroll management software should be able to keep the employees happy with HR. When will the employees be happy? They will be content when employees will get their salaries, issue resolved and more transparency in goal setting and other things and better workplace policies. The HR and payroll management software should be great at whatever function it performs. The lesser the errors, the happier the employees. Also, now is the time to use HR software that is comprehensive and not the one that can merely automate attendance and payroll.

  • Is there a mobile application of the HR and Payroll processing software you are using?

    The workforce is mobile, the work policies are also more and more flexible, and so the HR software should also be mobile. A great mobile application can help the employees and HR do many of their tasks like requesting and approving leave and mark attendance on the go. Using the same, the employer will also be able to surge profits for their company as the productivity of the employees will also increase.

We hope by now you would be able to guess if you need to hunt for a new HR software or not.


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