Pros and Cons of Bio-medical training


Few decades ago it was a vision of almost every parent to build a child as a doctor. But with the progression of time, there are many new professions with good out looks quite similar to medical degrees such as ‘Bio-medical’ science. It is also known as Healthcare technology management.

Now the question comes who can become a bio-medical technician? Any student with a secondary school certificate with science background can apply for this course.

 There are two types of curriculum: one is a diploma which takes approximately nine months to a year for becoming a technician of particular medical equipment. They don’t need a certification or licenses to practice, they can start their work under the close supervision of a registered technologist in any clinical or hospital in the fields of radiology, laboratory technology, dialysis technology, surgical technology and so on.

 Another type of medical equipment technicians are the Associate’s degree programs. They are the licensed or authorised persons and they require at least a four years Bachelor’s degree even PhD also. They are the specialised researchers who work for the invention, modification, installation, calibration of sophisticated medical equipments like CAT scanning machine. They need an internship to a specific hospital before starting their carrier. The healthcare technology management professional’s have to collaborate with the manufacture for the optimum use of the machine, to prevent potential defeat or damage of the patient, to check the eminence of the machine as well as early recognition of major problems in the total life cycle of the machine

 The course work of Bio-medical technicians covers human anatomy, physiology, circuit analysis, computer system, specific software operation, patient’s safety, hazard management, workload management, bioengineering, medical imaging etc.

 The medical technicians should have profound knowledge about the vital signs and symptoms of disease as well as how to fix a device when it is out of order. So this profession is a fine mixing of physical as well as mental strengths with good coordination of eye-hand use. Moreover, he/she should have a mind set up to do over times even working in holidays for the sake of patient. this web-site will help anybody to find out a medical equipment technician school around your territory according to choice.

Popular Schools in USA

  • Northcentral University
  • Penn Foster Career School
  • Stanford University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Brown University
  • Duke University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • University of Florida

 These professionals are highly paid. The median annual earnings in this occupation were approximately $ 45,500 in 2011. By clicking salary wizard at anybody can know the wages from this occupation.