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5 Must Equipment for Quick Setup Your Business Product photography studio

Product Photography Studio: 5 Essential Equipment Need to Quick Setup
Product photography studio perceives the trustworthiness of buyers who buy from e-commerce. Because the quality of product presentation dictates over the revenue of sell. Generally, a picture tells thousands of words but nowadays it can earn you thousands of dollars. And to make beautiful product photo the obvious thing is setting up a business photography studio.

Hundreds of setups equipment and tools out there to set your product photography studio

At the beginning point, it may be little confusing that what equipment to use? The quality of the tools, as well as the cost, is the determining factors to set up the studio. Lots of tools are available in the market. But all may not be the right tools for your product photography studio. Along with the variations of products tools also differs. For entrepreneurs, the main headache becomes the price of equipment. In total, it’s all become too cloudy to choose the correct setup for the studio. Don’t worry here I am to guide you following essentials for product photography studio setup.
Long Lens Camera in Convenient Price:
You can select a 105 mm macro lens or 70-180 macro lens on Nikon DSLR. The benefits are in product photography old manual focus macro is great. At least 105 mm will let you get far enough to take a natural shot. When you shot from afar your product photos get the best look. To get the best sharpness and depth of field set at 250 or 500 W/s to have f/22~32. I will suggest that you don’t need more power than this. As the lights don’t change, the exposure being same. So you can set the camera to manual exposure. Always use a long lens and stand back from the object.
Constant Source of Lighting in Dark Room:
Be sure that the type of lighting you select is going to make your product photo to look pretty. It’s the next thing to consider after camera selection.Studio strobe (flash) system or constant (continuous) light system are types of lighting.

From the above constant light is much easier for starting out photographers. With this system, the learning curve becomes significantly smaller. Thus, you get the photo what you are seeing.
More benefits of using constant light:
• Fluorescent bulb stays cool in the constant light system. A huge benefit when you are stuck in a room with no window.
• No extra instrument to control the lighting like a radio transmitter. It will always be open and ready to take shots.
• For advanced photographers, this system is a superior light learning tool.

Not Too Bright Background:
There are bunches of choices on a white background. To shoot a lot,get a little white surface from a nearby photography store. Get a 32×40 sheet of the thinnest white Mat Board.You can generally get this for under $7.
Keep in mind to search for the pure white colour background. For instance, off-white or cream colour. The not brightbackground will not absorb any colour from the surrounding. And it smoothens the photo post production editing.

Portable and Solid Tripod:
Set your camera to a very small aperture to get the most depth of field that your camera can capture. The depth of field characterises the sharply focused area. To shot you require the biggest f/stop number. Shutter speed and f/stop are closely related since a bigger f/stop number like f/8 lets in less light. Tackle it by slowing shutter speed to permit more light.
You can’t hold the camera for a long time, your hand will be shaken. Thus, the subject will be blurred – so a tripod is required. Out of lots of options, a tripod will cost you under $30.
Flexible and Folding Table:
You will require a folding table to place objects in the right position and style it accordingly. You don’t want to place objects too high or too low to reduce the photo quality. I propose a foldable card table for right placement of item. Consider that the table is light and foldable. Thus, you can place the table at any place and make its movement conveniently. You can buy atable like this under $50 from the web. Meco Square Folding 34″x34″ table will cost you $40.

Hopefully, you can setup your product photography studio with this brief details. Here, I have described a shortlisted equipment. I classify the most necessary tools to set up a studio at low cost. To make your studio more professional there are lots of tools available out there. In my next session, I will add more equipment.