Planning to renovate your house? Here’s what you need to know

Planning to renovate house

One may have more than one reason to renovate the house. It can be because you want to make it more comfortable and more beautiful, or it could be because you plan to sell it for a good price. Whatever the reason might be, home renovation is a big job and should be done step by step in order to reach your goal. The best way of executing your renovation plan is by considering it as a business project, especially if you are doing it right from the scratch.

While there can be several things that can matter to an individual while renovating the home, there are few things that can be helpful for everyone. In this article, we have jotted down some points that you need to know and work on while renovating your house.

  • Be Absolutely Aware of the Bigger Goal

Before you start working on the renovation of your house, you need to set an end goal and then work according to that. Are you renovating to raise your house’s value, or do you plan to stay in it for a long time? Taking into account the conditions of your neighborhood is also important as this will help you in knowing what renovations will be a good investment. It will also give you an idea whether you are overdoing it as per the standards of your surroundings. You can hire an architect who will evaluate your needs and then renovate accordingly, but if you are doing the renovations yourself then you will have to make a specific plan and then go with it. Write a goal for each space in the house and then decide your overall end goal.

  • Set a Budget

Renovating a house economically requires you to set a budget, and stick to it. You must decide how much you can spend on all the expenditures, and then set a limit. You must never overestimate your budget, instead it should be underestimated before you move on to researching for the things you’ll need. This conservative approach will save you from spending extra money on the things that are overpriced or unnecessary. You also need to have a contingency budget set aside for unexpected costs. It is also wise to add in incidental costs, this is the money that you might have to spend on food during kitchen renovations, or for booking a hotel when you can’t stay at home.

  • Make a Checklist

To help in sticking with your budget, it is recommended for you to make a checklist of things you’ll be needing. This includes everything from tools, paints, to getting permits. A good idea is to make different lists, for example have a list of things you already have and list of things you’ll need. Similarly when it comes to tools, make a list of tools you can rent to save cost, and a list of tools you’ll have to buy. Dividing items into different lists will help you in staying organised and on top of things.

  • Research

Research is a very important aspect of the home renovation plan, especially if you want to do things economically. Once you start your research, you will be surprised to see the great number of available options. It will help you in comparing quality and prices, and you will find many similar things at a lower cost. Whether it’s buying new furniture, paint or decorations, if you research well then you are likely to find most of these things at an inexpensive price. You can take advantage of thrift stores, second hand furniture shops and online shopping to make the renovation plan in line with your budget.

  • Paint Affects Lighting

When it comes to choosing the right paint, always remember that paint affects the lighting of your house, so choose wisely. Decide what tones you want to keep. Do you want your house to feel cosy, bright or funky? There are several colour palettes that you can choose from or you can also set one theme for the entire house and set a palette according to that. If you are on a budget, then choosing different colour palettes is not a wise idea, so look for one or two colours and then have them painted. A black and white palette also looks great and sophisticated, and is perfect for anyone on a tight budget.

  • Small Rooms don’t have to Look Small

Do you have small rooms, but you wish to make them look bigger? Not to worry, as the technique of doing this is quite simple and inexpensive. A beautiful and budget friendly way of making small rooms look big, is to use mirrors. Mirrors act as a focal point in any room and open up spaces, making the small room look bigger.

  • Kitchens and Storage

When it comes to renovating a house, most people try to declutter the spaces and have as much storage as possible. One way of achieving this goal is by making the best use of your kitchen space. This one place in your house can be the solution to all your storage problems. You will need to build kitchen cabinets or storages in order to create more space. For people on low budget, we suggest you to look up some DIY kitchen storage ideas, use recycled material, or take a trip to some thrift shops in your area. Building space yourself not only saves money, but allows you to do things exactly the way you want. If you already have enough space in your kitchen, then you can repaint your cabinets to give your kitchen a new look.

  • Bathroom Renovation

Reinventing your bathroom is an important part of your renovation plan, so make sure to do it wisely. There are several inexpensive quality products that you can use for your bathroom renovation. From tiles to toilet fixtures, there are several places like Discount Bathroom Vanity Outlet Atlanta where you can find good and durable products at a lower price. Though renovating does not mean installing new items, if you don’t wish to do this, then you can give your bathroom a new look by fixing the existing items in your toilet, like changing its paint or fixing the shower pressure etc.

  • Floor Renovation

Floor renovation gives your house a complete new look. When looking for the right floor installation, make sure whatever you choose compliments the rest of your house. This includes everything from furniture and decorations to lights and paint. But, floor renovation can be quite expensive so if you are on a budget and can’t find any installations in your set cost, we recommend you to renovate everything else in your home according to your existing floor design.

  • Light Comes through the Windows

A wise man once said, “Half the experience of living indoors is seeing the outdoors.” This is why when you are renovating your house, make sure to install large windows so you get a good view of the outside and allow more amount of light to break into your living space. You can install shutters on your windows, for days when you don’t feel like facing the sun or outdoors. If installing new windows is out of your budget, then you can paint them a shade lighter than the rest of the room, which will maximise the amount of light coming through the windows.


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