Carrier View of Ph.D As Educational Counselor


A counselor is a person who gives legal or ethical support  when a person is not in a proper mental condition and propose him or her to overcome the unwanted bad situation. An educational counselor is the certified person who deals or works with the pupil of schools, colleges, universities and even he or she can do private practices with proper licensing authority.

Now the question is who can apply for a pH. D. For educational counselling programs? Any graduate from the science or arts or commerce department can apply for this grant. Students of Science faculty will get more preferences. The accompanying links will facilitate you to come up out the suitable Schools or Universities with Ph.D. program in your nearest territory of USA.

As the Ph.D program is a Government educational aspect, its’ cost is minimized. Students get grants for it. A Bachelor student first has to apply for M.Phil (Masters of Philosophy) and the this course will be continued with pH. D. (Doctorate of Philosophy). After completing four years successful curriculum, scholars will be declared as Ph.D holders in Educational counselor.

The job prospects of Ph.d. holder educational counselor are very good. Every school, colleges and universities  have job vacancies for them. They deal with the students to resolve their troubles and provide them psychotherapy to delete the existing problems of their life like coping with family or parents related problems, to quit depression and anxiety, concentrate and focusing more on the study, to avoid addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling etc. They also facilitate students to recreate themselves with new sight and keeping an optimistic lifestyle.

An educational counselor also works in mental clinics, psychotherapy centers, hospitals, defenses with good remuneration. Granting to the labor department of of the USA, in the year of 2013, the average median wage earned by school counselor was $53,610; The highest earned money was $86,680 and the lowest salary paid was $31,920. The educational counselors worked in federal executive branches, labor unions, elementary and secondary schools earned the highest annual gross pay with other benefits like provided funds, gratuity, health facilities, group insurance policy and in some organizations retirement policies are likewise offered. The top earners live in the metropolitan areas rather than countrysides.

By clicking this link you can search jobs and can know the salary ranges of different schools or systems.