Tips for using perfect fake tan


Tanned look is very much in trend. While many people are blessed with this kind of skin, some people have to take the help of tan sprays and lotions to achieve that look. If you belong to the latter category, then you must be aware of the various ways which are prevalent for giving a tanned look to your body. However, getting the perfect tan is not easy, especially in the first few attempts. So here are some tips for you to get the perfect fake tan.

First and most crucial tip is to select the best product. While looking for a fake tanning product you will come across many low quality products which can give horrible results. So it is essential to choose only good quality Fake Tan UK products. Once you buy a fake tanner, you should first of all test it by applying to a part of your body to check for any reaction. Different tanning products react differently, so this will help you find out if it suits your skin. This way you can also come to know the look it will give to your entire body. If you find the product to be safe, then you can go ahead and get ready for a perfect fake tan.

Now comes the important part of preparing your body before applying your tanner. Taking a shower is recommended, along with exfoliating your body to get rid of dead skin. When you are ready to apply the product make sure doing it on larger areas first, like stomach, back and limbs. Then you can focus on neck, knees, feet and ankles. Once you have properly applied the tanning product on your entire body, leave it to dry for some time. Skipping this step can lead to streaks. In case you find that a certain part of your body is getting too dark then you can wipe it immediately. Generally you should let it stay on your body for at least ten minutes; however this duration can vary from one product to another. After that you can take a shower and get ready to flaunt your new tanned look.

Apart from following the right process, there are some other tips as well which should be considered before buying or applying a tanning product. You should pay attention to the shade you choose. Irrespective of whether you are using a spray, gel, cream or mousse, if it is not of the right shade then it can look quite opposite of what you expect. For starters, it is better to apply light to medium shade multiple times, rather than going for a dark shade. It will not make the tanning look fake, natural and beautiful.

To keep your tanned look for a long time, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. So drink plenty of water, as well as apply moisturiser on your body daily. Special products, like Fake Tan UK extender, are available these days, which can help to keep the rich and glowing colour for longer time.