Nine (9) Secrets to be rich



Richness is not a matter of secret. To analyze the life history and life pattern we get hard labor and some principles. Everyone wants to be rich easily by winning lottery. But, practically it is rare to winning lottery. Following are the principles that help to be rich in practical life.

  1. Start from zero (0) and go ahead with struggle: Many successful people start their work with empty hand. Competition and bad luck makes great leader.
  2. Do as you wish: Do that you love. Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs says, the only way to get successful work is to love his/ her work. Try to do this till you can do that. If you work, that you are interested, then customers will find out you and money will find out you.
  3. Follow Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley located, Center of Hi tech industry located at United States changed the luck of many people. Not only Executives, but also job holders are also better position. It cause technological industry are the stage to go ahead for people.
  4. Start your Business and lead a life like saint: Start your own business and lead a life like a saint. Two third of Americans millionaire comes at their current situation by self employment. Most of them run small business and lead life at less expensive than their ability. But they invest their money at their business. Generally, they don’t get any wealth from ancestor.
  5. Take risk, do error and keep confidence on you: Most of the people take high risk, which should not to do. Instead of that, a person should take balanced risk, which can be possible to gain in reality. Go ahead to keep self confidence. Error is normal. No one can go ahead without obstacle.
  6. Work hard by more sacrifice: CEO of yahoo Morisha Meyar is a very hard worker woman. She works 90 hours a week. Alon Mask conducts tow business at a time. Same is applicable for Steve Jobs. He continues Apple and Pixure at a time. You will get return that you invest.
  7. Create your own fate: It is said that, Good luck comes when opportunities and plan meet each other. I am very lucky and believe that, I will never stop to search my luck. Never lose any opportunity. Introduce with successful people of the world to save time to waste in unnecessary work.
  8. Constant marriage life: Most rich person loses their wealth after divorce. So it is very important to lead a constant marriage life to sustain rich and happy.
  9. Diversity required: Bring multi concept at your work. To do this you may lose many time and hard labor. You will get positive output though initially you face trouble.