5 Most Common Garage Door Problems

Common Garage Door Problems

If you own a garage then you must have experienced some problems with your garage door. Due to its high-frequency usage people often experience issues with it. 82% of homeowners aren’t concerned about their garage door working properly. But a malfunctioning garage door can lead to an array of problems for you and your family. It can be very frustrating – so here’s our two cents on some of the most common garage door problems and their fix.

  1. Garage Door Not Closing All the Way

Probably the most common issue with garage doors is that it doesn’t close all the way. It starts when you press the button to close the door, but it stops midway and does not go down completely. Around 7,550 Americans suffer pinching injuries from residential garage doors each year i.e. often the fingers get caught between the panels.

To Solve This Problem: You need to first check the safety sensors on your door – to clear out any obstructions that is blocking it. The sensors can be found on the base of the door track on both sides. If there is any obstruction between them it won’t work because the electronic eye needs to have a clear line of sight between it to function properly.

Or you can check the rollers and replace them if they are worn out or damaged. If that too is fine, then the problem may lie with your close-limit switch. You need to check if the settings are in correct order as it works as a brain and tells your door when to stop moving.

  1. Not Opening All the Way

This many prove to be a nuisance if it keeps occurring on a regular basis as you won’t be able to use your car or park your car inside the garage. This can waste your time and put your car in an unsafe position as you won’t be able to take your vehicle inside.

Fix: You need to find the root cause first. You can check the rollers to see if dust or wear and tear has worn them out. If their condition is good but they are still not working properly then you need to make sure that they are lubricated properly so they can function smoothly. If lubrication also does not make them work then you need to replace them.

A good way to prevent this would be timely lubrication of the rollers. Another issue that may cause this problem could be the limit switch. If the switch is too far from the motor unit then that can also cause it to not open all the way. If the problem is with the switch itself you need to fix it or get a new one.

  1. Faulty Remote

An issue with your garage door could simply with the remote itself. It can become incredibly annoying to keep hitting the button on the remote again and again – only to see nothing happening to the door. If that is the case then the problem could be with the remote and not the door.

All remotes have a certain range and you need to make sure that you are not hitting the remote when it is out of range. If you are too far away from the door the sensors in the door may not respond.

If the remote doesn’t work, try opening and closing the garage door with the wall switch. If the garage door works perfectly fine with the wall switch then there is a problem your remote.

Fix: Try replacing the batteries on the remote. If it works then you have found the solution to the problem and if it doesn’t then perhaps it time to get a new remote.

  1. Motor Keeps On Running

When you open or close the garage door, one thing you must have noticed is the distinctive voice of the running motor. If the motor runs while you are not closing or opening the door then there could be a problem. If your door is in good condition, the motor should stop running immediately after you have used the door.

It is quite a common occurrence with newly installed garage doors. Usually it is a malfunction of the up-limit switch. The switch should be within the distance to shut itself properly and also to shut off the motor at the same time.

Fix: You need to make tiny adjustments and test the door to see in what position it works properly.

  1. Door Gets Stuck in Cold Weather

One common problem that occurs with many garage owners in cold weather is that their doors stop functioning properly in winter. When the weather gets too cold it can cause your door to not close fully. The door may open fine but often there is a problem when trying to close it all the way.

Fix: The cold weather usually affects your rollers, causing them to become stiff. You need to lubricate the rollers regularly especially before winter. If that’s not the issue then an adjustment in the motor unit will solve the problem.

Regular garage door maintenance is vital to keep it functioning properly throughout the year. A faulty garage door can leave you susceptible to burglaries If you can’t fix the problem yourself check out https://okdiscountgaragedoor.com/ Replacing your old garage door can increase the value of your home by up to 4%.


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