Are you looking for an Islamic wall hanging online? Do you want to spruce up your home with Islamic wall hanging decorative art?

Well, then you are likely to find many such artworks, as one of the trends that is much in abundance in interior decoration is Islamic calligraphy art.Be it wall decals, digital prints or metal frames, Islamic calligraphy artisseeing many new innovations in the modern, global market.

Islamic calligraphy is an art form of old, having first developed in the 7th century, not long after the Prophet (SAW) passed away.

As Islam placed restrictions on human and animal imagery, the only kind of wall art that was in vogue was calligraphy on walls. Verses from the Quran, as well as narrations from the Hadith, would be engraved in varied calligraphic fonts on the walls of monuments and buildings.

During the medieval ages when Muslimsruled large parts of the world, Islamic calligraphyartwas used to do up the walls and domes of monuments such as the Taj Mahal in Indiaor the Blue Mosque in Turkey, just to give only two famous examples. It was also used to enhance the beauty of ceramic pottery, marble work and silk carpets. Non-religious calligraphywas also used to transcribe court documents.

Over the ages, the scale and grandeur of Islamic calligraphy art witnessed a downslide on account of various factors — from European colonisation to general indifference towards promotion of arts.

In the aftermath of the digital revolution, and its varied byproducts– social media and e-commerce – along with globalisation-fuelled rising incomes, Islamic calligraphy art forhas is seeing a revival of sorts – in a new form. A new market is being tapped for modern Islamic art.

Modern Islamic artblends traditional, handwritten calligraphy with digital colouring and printing. Handwritten black-and-white calligraphy is digitally enhanced and coloured, after which it is printed on colour or paper in any size. It can also be transferred onto a vinyl sheet in order to extract a wall decal, or etched on glass to produce a souvenir.

As modern Islamic artis often replicated from originals, they are affordable and sold largely on e-commerce websiteslike Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.

It is significant to understand that modern Islamic wall hanging decorative artincludes artworksthat are not just simply reproductions or copies of the original, handwritten black-and-white Arabic calligraphy. Rather, as we have just discussed, a lot of value addition is put into these original works of art in the form of digital colouring, inclusion of decorative motifs, enlarging of their sizes, and printing on canvas or paper or leather. These can also be regenerated as vinyl wall decals or stainless steelframes or even glass souvenirs – they can be completely resized according to the demands of the clients. Indeed, if you are looking for an Islamic wall hanging online, you would be sure to find a wide variety of modern innovations.Because nowIslamic art has now moved on from just traditional, classic golden Arabic textonblack velvet or silk fabric, embroidered wall carpets and ceramic wall plates to digital, modern art.



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