Marking progress of technology used


Marking progress of technology used

Technology roadmap is a method that specifies the goals to be achieved by usage of technology in short and long run. Roadmap is applicable to process, product, or latest technology. A general roadmap requires three primary functions for successful execution. It is important to predict the set of technologies required for fulfilling the need. Forecasting of technological development that might occur and frame work required for development of technology.

Technology roadmap is method itself, but its vastness makes it important to deluge it further in three phases. The first phase is preliminary phase. It determines the essential conditions to be satisfied and accordingly provide sponsors leadership and boundaries. Decision makers need to identify the problem in process and roadmap assists in finding resolution.

The second phase if development phase. It consists of seven steps. Identification of product that requires focus, this product would lead to second step of deciding targets and system requirements. In turn, the decision makers are able to figure out the major equipment areas. This equipment requires constant supervision. Hence, they are called the technology drivers. In case these technologies fail, an alternative should be available readily that will have same timelines. The technological alternatives lead to final stage of recommendation. It is when the experts state the main areas or process and alternative that together for technology roadmap.

Third phase is following up phase. The expert’s discussed the roadmap and validates, then they send it to the group that initiates the implementation. After implementation, updating and periodical reviews are required. The need from the consumer and technology keeps changing hence planning and development of roadmap should be critiqued.

 Technology roadmap can be more explanatory by usage of bars, graphs, and program planning example. Countries such as France, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Canada, and Switzerland have started using technology roadmap methods in their nuclear development.