Looking For A Generator Service Company in Delhi?


All our appliances require uninterrupted electricity for their smooth functioning. However, Delhi faces a lot of power cuts especially in areas of high population density. A power cut may be due to load shedding or routine maintenance activities. This can be a curse, especially If you have guests or hosting an event. However, a generator service company in delhi can help to nullify this suffering. You can either the generator of your choice and power cuts won’t affect you anymore.

What are the services provided by these companies?

Diesel Generator (DG) companies provide all kinds of services ranging from sale and purchase to maintenance and servicing. Most of the service providers are available online as well. You can ask for service at any part of the city and technician will ensure that your work is done. If you want to buy a new generator, these services may be very useful. Also, in the case of used generators, they provide a warranty so that you can use it without any worries.

The most important service provided by dg set service companies in Delhi is maintenance and servicing of the existing generators. Due to general wear and tear, the generator is stalled, hence it becomes essential to replace the lubricants and perform a routine checkup.

How to choose the best services in the city?

1. Quality

Diesel generators are manufactured by a variety of different companies. Some brands may provide sub-standard quality and be priced low. Look for generators with ISI marks and other certifications for the parts. Check for available warranty and also ask for extended warranties if any as it may save the further cost of repairs.

2. Availability of Spares

It is good to choose a high-end generator but is equally essential that you buy a DG set which has easily available spare parts. In case of breakdown and non-availability of spares, dg set service companies in Delhi won’t be able to help as it will come under the aegis of the manufacturer.

3. Ease of accessibility

Your service company should be just one call away in case of any service requirement. A lot of companies may not put you through or delay your requests for service. Sometimes, the genuine concern may hamper their service, but in case you’re facing repeated issues, it is best to change your service provider. Look for a local service provider as they will be easily available and accessible.

4. Cost

Sometimes a service company may unnecessarily escalate their costs. It is best to consult two to three service providers and compare their prices before choosing a generator service company in delhi. Getting a quotation from multiple service providers also gives you a fair idea of the kind of services to expect and what additional features can service providers give. Some may charge a nominal charge but assure lifetime service for diesel generators.

A diesel generator may help you solve your power cut issues. However, it is important to look for the right generator and the right service provider to extract maximum benefits.


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