Lifelong Learning of A Student in The Best Boarding School for Girls in Dehradun

best boarding school for girls in dehradun

The thought of boarding school itself brings in a lot of uneasiness in most of the people’s minds. A majority of the people have seen in some movie or the other, the pain and sorrow of watching one’s parents leave, make him/her overwhelmed. This marks the start of the journey of a student in any boarding school.

However, fates turn and once a student actually starts to experience the life in a boarding school, he/she realizes that boarding school is an experience that one should have at least once in their life. The meals with friends, the strict punishments that you get are some of the things that you will never forget in life.

What Is To Be Experienced From The Best Boarding Schools For Girls In Dehradun?

One thing that comes to everyone’s minds when they think of the best boarding school for girls in dehradun is homework and punishments. This is the most important part of a boarding school. It teaches us punctuality that we need in every phase of our life. Since most of the students will be employed or self-employed, punctuality by default becomes the most important ingredient to success.

One has to wake up at a specific time, early in the morning in a hostel. Howsoever bad it sounds in the beginning, it prepares students in ways they can never imagine. For some people, this task can be a nightmare and they never get used to the idea of waking up early. For some, it becomes a habit that they cherish later.

Now comes the most hated part of life in a boarding school i.e. hostel food. By rule, with no exceptions, everyone hates hostel food. But the meals between breaks are one of the fondest memory of students in a boarding school. The laughter that is heard from all the corners of the dining halls makes the day much better for most of the students.

Boarding school makes a person disciplined and responsible. It gives them the ability to feel confident in themselves as they achieve all their aspirations and educational goals without the support of their parents. They learn to believe in themselves and thus become good decision makers.

A myth that really should be removed from every person’s mind is that children lose creativity if they are sent to a boarding school. But in dehradun girls dehradun girls college, children actually become more creative since they are in constant touch with their friends.

It is a general saying, ‘If one can survive boarding school, then he can survive anything. ‘ This really is true. People that survive hostels, can become better managers, better speakers, better leaders, better decision makers, and most importantly better human beings. People that have had belonged to a boarding school even once, are very compassionate. They know that life can be really tough sometimes, but you should always hold on as better things are on their way. Not only children in boarding school learn so much, but we can also learn much more by just being a part of their lives.


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