Top 5 latest inventions in the world

  1. A Powerful, Portable, and Affordable Robotic Exoskeleton:

A very long ordeal may start by adebilitating accidentor a stroke.Strenuous and slow physical therapy has no guarantee of recovery. You may get support to heal a ravaged body from a robotic exoskeleton.But they need tobe anchored to a wall and plugged intoa socket.More sever the price of the machine is more than a car.Elizabeth Beattie, Nicholas McGill, Nick Parrot and Nikolay have invented this awesome, efficient, lightweight and surprisingly robustrobotic leg.This  tool providesits wearer resistance at the time of therapeutic exercises as well as allow to lift 40 pounds with tiny effort.


Imagine you are producing  light, but without any any assistance of anoutside power source. GravityLight is the coolesttiny invention to do that.The original idea comes from a different idea.Deciwatt company created this and Jim designed this awesome tool.We use kerosene toproducelight, though it is not a clean source of fuel.GravityLight is not only energy efficient way to produce lightbut also it has the ability to charge other things for example battery.It lasts 25 minutes after it set up before reset.


This amazing ball is not a just a soccer.Here soccer creates energy.Assigning the kinetic is the key to produce energy. It exerted when someone kicksit. After thirty minutes of playing can produce enough power to work an attachable LED  light upto 3 hours. Jessica O. Matthew and Julia Silverman invented this great invention.

  1. Solepower:


Most of us are always worrying about losing the charge of his/her phone. So we cannot imagine going anywhere without our charger.But you can do that what was just a imagine once.Solepower is the key to imagine like that. This awesome machine is a small device which fits in your shoes and it producesenergy throughyour walk.Solepower charges a battery and later you can use that power to charge your phone.This magnificent device is perfect for travelling, hiking,and for the people from less developed countries who did not have continuous access of power.

5. Morpher:

You may have a bike and all the time you have to face the problem of storing the helmet. As the bike helmets are bulky in size and take a lot of space to store. And this is the place where Morpher helmet hunts to change. This helmet has the option to convert into a small textbook, but it fulfills all the safety standards of any conventional helmet.

These awesome inventions may change our world soon. We also may see a lot more tremendous invention  to make life easier.