King Abdulaziz City Science and Technology (KACST) success to make Drone


King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) have made three types of drone which are the drone pilot. Recently, the National Centre for the organization aviation Technology (NCAT) of the supervisor has released Khalid bin Abdullah Al Husan. He inform that SADAR 2, 3 and 4 with the code name of carbon and glass fiber with radar aircraft identification tools able to pass these drones. Land-based control room drones program that is to be managed. Al Husan said it has  the automatic control units of vehicles, as well as new products lagaridam programs, velocity of the winds, temperature, engine combustion process, an emergency landing or ascend or change the direction of flight for more helpful. The drone is a communication tool to manage the room, the control room from which you can send images and scenery. Programming mechanisms and the destination is determined through the streets of the drone. Drones by moving vehicles, trains, or with gathering mountains, fields, water and valleys can recognize.

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Supervisors also said the drones and the program automatically pre-processed. They just need a flight engineer, who is located in the control room on the ground to watch the drone of machinery and Sensors. Ineffectiveness or inaction drone flight engineer in the control room of an emergency landing on ground back is several ways. Al Husan specifications outlined, each drone speed, flight stability, weight and carrying capacity. He said, natural or environmental disasters,take the film from the sky, Offshore detection and discovery, agricultural,border control drones will be used to effect the rescue.